While doing better, overall, my health is still unstable. I have good days and bad days, although my good days are outnumbering my bad. (And many days start out rough but get better as time passes.) I have been able to mitigate the impact on my work while working from home, but the recent directive to return to the office 3 days a week was already becoming a challenge, since I never know what days will be “good days” and what days will be “bad days.” On bad days, I am generally able to work from the comfort of my own home, but traveling 45 minutes and sitting in an office all day is another matter altogether.

After much thought and deliberation, I decided to discuss my struggles with my doctor, who agreed working from home, if I’m able to, was the ideal scenario. To that end, he provided me with a medical note requesting I be allowed to work from home full time until we are able to stabilize my health. To my relief, the request was approved by my agency, and I was granted a 3 month extension to work from home full time. I am grateful that this accommodation is available to me, and I hope things are better in 3 months. We are still waiting to see if the new med will work (it can take weeks to feel its full effect,) so I am relying on daily doses of Prednisone to keep me stable.

Additionally, I am extremely concerned with the rapid spread of CORONA infections and the growing resistance by a large portion of the population to take any precautions whatsoever against spreading it. We have already contracted our bubble once again, cancelling the few plans we made to see friends, and are avoiding all unnecessary outings. We never stopped wearing masks outside of the house, or sanitizing our hands often, but we feel safer within our home, where we control our environment, than we do out and about. While this may seem extreme to some, it is our comfort level that matters, and its the choice we both agree makes us feel safest.

I don’t think my dogs are upset in the least about any of this.

10 thoughts on “Accommodations

  1. Glad to hear the accommodation was approved. I have a co-worker who has asked for one day a week in the office, I am in favor, but I am not the last word. I am hoping it is approved, we really need her talents.


  2. I am also glad you got the medical exemption. How many people are going to suffer because of our expectations that people work at an office?


  3. It’s wonderful that you are able to work from home for now. Hopefully your health will stabilize sufficiently to allow you to return to the office in three months.

    My sister-in-law in Florida is suffering a breakthrough case of COVID. She’s a teacher in the public schools, and got vaccinated at the first opportunity. She says it’s like the flu. She feels like crap, but she’s going to be fine. My brother, meanwhile, also has to quarantine for 10 days and is going crazy. Driving his wife crazy, too. He’s not the type to be comfortable with inactivity. Anyway, we have resumed masking when in public. We’d stopped after being fully vaxxed, but here we are again.

    Good luck! Give the pooches extra smooches from Superman and me.


  4. I’m thrilled to hear you’ll be able to work full time from home. I also believe offices will be closing soon and everyone will be going back to remote work soon. It’s inevitable.

    I’m also making this a requirement for any new job search. Anything less than 100% remote work is a deal killer.


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