Collector Fever

In 1984, when I was but a mere 13 year old closeted gay comic reader with no money, Kenner Products put out a line of 34 DC Superhero action figures called the Super Powers Collection, featuring some of my favorite DC superheroes, many of which would be familiar to anyone who watched the Super Friends cartoon. I wanted them badly, but could not afford them.

This was the add in my comics that teased and tortured me.

Throughout the years, I’ve revisited owning them, but always fought the urge to make the commitment to hunting them down. I knew once I started, I would not stop until I owned them all.

Unfortunately, they have since grown in popularity and have become quite expensive to purchase. A couple weeks ago, I caved and made the decision to start the hunt, and have been shopping around on the interwebs for cheaper ones. Fortunately, I do not need to have mint-in-the-package-unopened ones. I am happy to own loose ones, as long as they are in relatively good shape.

So far, I have purchased six of them. Four have arrived, and two are on the way.

First Finds: Hawkman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Firestorm

There’s no turning back now. The fever has hit, and I won’t rest until I own them all.

7 thoughts on “Collector Fever

  1. They look as if they were made using the same molds as the Kenner Star Wars dolls action figures. Are they compatible? It might be cute to have The Flash flying a Tie-fighter.


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