Just a quick pop-in to say hello. It hasn’t been a great health week for me (I think I may have gotten food poisoning at the beginning of the week) so I’ve been lying low and couch surfing while I ride out the stomach-storm.

We purchased a Ninja Foodi Smart XL Grill, upon the recommendation of a couple of friends. I wanted an air-fryer but, rather than purchase a separate one, we decided to get this which is both a grill and air fryer, and replace our George Forman grill.

Ain’t she purty?

We grilled one item so far (fish, which I believe is the source of my stomach woes) but haven’t had the chance to do anything else yet. I hope to start experimenting more once I’m feeling better.

Otherwise, we’ve been hiding out from the ongoing heat, humidity, and rain, which does not promise to let up any time soon.

So far, 2021 has been a bit of a pill for me. Can’t say I’m bummed it’s passing quickly.

10 thoughts on “Cameo

  1. I hope the record on the air-fryer gets better.

    After 2020, one would think 2021 would be a relief. But for me 2021 has had much more loss than 2020.


  2. I’ve seen “air fryer/(other food prep method) but never air fryer/grill before. I hope it’s a good little piece of equipment for you.
    Sorry to hear your gut is at it again. Feel better soon!


  3. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. I had a similar situation midweek and it was not pleasant.

    I hope this air fryer/grill works out. I would love one but I lack the counter space to use it.


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