Bone tired

Today was my bone biopsy. Although I had eaten lightly the day before (and hadn’t eaten since 6pm the day before,) I woke up with some gut discomfort this morning and worried it would make the whole process more uncomfortable. Jeffrey dropped me off at the hospital entrance and, after being routed to 4 different places, I eventually ended up where I needed to be and was quickly ushered into a backless robe and bed to await my procedure.

The robe did not match my mask.

For the biopsy itself, I was asked to lay on my stomach. I told the nurse and the doctor that I would be very uncomfortable since my stomach was bloated. The nurse offered to give me some additional “relaxing” meds which did the trick…I zonked right out and woke up after the procedure in the “recuperation suite.” So the remainder of the process was totally painless. Once I was awake enough, the nurse gave Jeffrey a call and he came to pick me up and bring me home, where I promptly fell asleep for several hours.

My bedside nurses.

All in all, not that bad of a process. I should get the results in 5 days. Here’s hoping the shadow they saw on my right pelvic bone is just a dirty ol’ bone and nothing more.

9 thoughts on “Bone tired

  1. Pleased that the actual procedure went okay – eventually. Sincerely hope the results will complete your relief. Here’s wishing you for everything..


  2. My younger brother John, who has been undergoing many serious medical procedures for the last three years (lymphoma) also has two @nurses” who wait for him when he returns home from the hospital. They provide great comfort for him. Our four legged friends are so valuable for our health. Just today I was visited by my friend Judy and her husband who are adopting a black lab service dog who is retiring at nine years old. They had trained “Felix” as a puppy to be a service dog. When Felix looked in my eyes I saw a soul there. Maybe it’s not a coincidence “dog” is god spelled backwards.


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