Don’t July to me!

Well, folks, according to my wooden giraffe desk calendar, today is July 1st!

A giraffe never lies!

A full six months of 2021 have gone by already … unbelievable! Before you know it, we’ll be trick or treating, being thankful, and decking the halls.

Harvey was not having any of this new month get up and enjoy the day garbage:

Giant bed for a giant personality!

Today’s excitement was “installing” my new Apple accessories that arrived in the mail yesterday: a Magic Keyboard and a Magic Mouse

The Boxes are almost as pretty as the items inside.

Ooooohhh…so shiny, sleek, and slim!

There was no real installing to be done. I just had to hook each accessory up to my MacBook Pro using the Lightning to USB cable provided and the laptop automatically synced with each one. Then I disconnected the cable and – VOILA! – wireless blue tooth functioning for both.

The weather forecast for the weekend does not look promising…high chance of thunderstorms and rain all weekend, so we may not get to enjoy that cookout by the pool this weekend after all. Bummer!

Our pool looks for more enticing with the tarp off and when the suns out shimmering on the surface of the water.

We may just have to make it a Jigsaw Puzzle and Movie weekend. As long as there are cocktails, I’m happy!

12 thoughts on “Don’t July to me!

  1. As long as everyone can get together it’s all good. Even if getting in the pool isn’t happening. In case you’re not online I hope you enjoy this holiday weekend.


  2. I think a lot of people are losing orientation to time – isn’t it about April of 2020? I love the wireless keyboard and mouse. Did they move the charging port on the mouse so you can use it while it is charging? On mine the charger plugs into the bottom rendering the mouse useless when charging. A pain if it goes flat, before I charge it.


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