Hump Day Droning

Yesterday was a fun “out of ordinary” day for a Tuesday.

The BFJ (Best Friend Jim) drove up from CT in the early morning for an overnight. We all had to work (Jeffrey from office, BFJ and me remotely from home) but at lunch, we enjoyed a dip in the new pool: a 3 x 8 foot inflatable I purchased a couple weeks ago to give us a respite from the impending heat and humidity. We set it up on the patio between the Screened porch and the covered pavilion. It was very refreshing and we look forward to enjoying it again for this promises-to-be-hot-and-muggy 3 day holiday weekend.

Last night, we went to dinner at a favorite restaurant (I had Crab – mmmmmmm!) then stayed up wayyyyyyyy too late (for a work night,) nursing a nightcap and singing along to our favorite TV Theme songs blaring out of our Apple HomePod. (Yup, that’s how we roll.) BFJ left in the wee ours of the morning to get home before his work day started, but not before waking me and Harvey up. (Rita and Jeffrey can sleep through land mines going off.) I am very tired this morning, but am glad for the fun day and evening. Sometimes, it feels good to break the routine and indulge in a bit of fun out of the blue.

I got my blue tooth Apple keyboard and mouse in the mail yesterday, which I plan to sync with my 13″ MacBook Pro (along with connecting to a full size monitor,) so I can operate it more like a desk top computer when working on bigger projects. While I prefer a laptop, overall, I do like working at a desk on a full size computer for some projects.

At noon today, Habitat for Humanity will be coming by to pick up a loveseat we are donating, which they will then sell at a low price in one of their local Re-Store outlets (which sells used household items and materials to raise money to help fund HFH projects.) It will be a relief to have it gone (we’ve been trying to get rid of it for months,) but I’m glad it will be going to a new home and will not be adding to our garbage dumps. Also, we’re happy to help support the HFH in this small way.

I have a biopsy Friday. My GI wants to investigate a “mysterious shadow” on my right pelvic pone that showed up in a CT scan while I was being examined for the cause of my recent 6 month gut attack. I try not to worry about such things until the results are in, but no one wants to be told they have a mysterious shadow on anything. I do think figuring out what it is, is important, though. Hopefully, it’s nothing. I’ll find out soon enough, I suppose.

This weekend, we will try to relax, stay cool, and enjoy a “typical American” cookout on Sunday – with burgers and dogs on the grill, salads purchased pre-made, and whatever drink concoctions strike our fancy.

Next week, I start working in the office again 2 days a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays.) Not by choice. Our agency has decided it’s time, and is bringing everybody back, but will likely maintain some level of permanent telecommuting, going forward (Yay!), something they wouldn’t have considered pre-pandemic. I have some anxiety about returning to a fully staffed office, as vaccinations aren’t mandatory, nor is disclosure of vaccination status, so I will wear a mask and keep my distance at all times while in the building.

That’s it for now, folks. Stay safe. And keep smiling!

8 thoughts on “Hump Day Droning

  1. I hate the word biopsy. I am hoping it is nothing and it is good you are getting it checked out. I will think of you on Friday. Sorry that you have to go back into the office. I dreaded going back into the classroom, but once I did it, it was okay. Stay safe and enjoy the 4th.

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  2. Biopsy is never a good word, but I hope everything will turn out okay. All you can do in the meantime is live life. I’m not a big fan of returning to the office myself. In fact, that will be a deal breaker for me when I look for a job. No remote work? See ya!


    • I’m not thrilled but it is what it is. It is unlikely we’ll ever return to a full time return, so there should be some ongoing telecommuting…probably two days a week. It’s better than nothing.


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