Where I Been?

Wow…time flies. I can’t believe I haven’t posted for 10 days. Thankfully, a concerned follower and friend reached out to make sure I was OK and made me realize how long it’s been since I posted. Uggh!

My only excuse? We’ve been quite busy here at Casa De Sassy with house and yard projects, reconnecting with friends, and hiding out from the sweltering heat and humidity.

We have Hostas and Day Lilies growing haphazardly all over our front yard, so we dug some up and replanted them in a more organized manner to border our yard along the driveway and the front of the house:

We now have a solid row of Day Lilies along the front of the house under the Dining Room window.
We filled in the spaces along the driveway with Hostas moved from other areas of the front yard.

We finally got rid of our old leather furniture and got and assembled our new Lovesac modular furniture and we LOVE it!

Out with the old…
…and in with the new.

We reconnected with my knitting buddy, Dave, and met his new boyfriend, Anthony, who was very charming. We enjoyed sushi, cosmos, and great conversation.

We also reconnected with our G&G gang (Girls and Gays,) my fiends from my summer camp counselor days. It was a happy reunion and we had great time. They gave me a belated birthday president, a new giraffe, which I named “GiGi.”

GiGi, the giraffe made from strips of aluminum cans.

This weekend, I assembled new display shelves for my Comic Den in the basement which, of course, required a lot of reorganizing

Love this shelf so much better for displaying my figures.
Love the new symmetry!

Finally, we discovered tonight that some of the wildflower seeds we planted in the back yard a few weeks ago, and have been watering diligently, are actually blooming. I am SO excited!

I feel really productive, but also guilty that I’ve neglected blogging for long.

I promise to do better.

20 thoughts on “Where I Been?

  1. while I am selfish and want to hear from you regularly, my less pig side says blogging is a hobby not a job; people get busy – and you have been very busy in such positive ways! good for you!


  2. I don’t want to ramble on, so I’ll just say I love everything that you did in those photos. I especially love the shelves for the Green Lantern Corps. Glad to see you’re up and around nowadays!


  3. I’m sure the ‘kids’ will be happy with the new sofas – or maybe it’s going to be a place too precious for them to be allowed to stretch themselves out on?


  4. My but you’ve been productive! It all looks wonderful. The new furniture is so much lighter, really opens up the room with its smaller/lower profile, too.

    I’m happy to hear from you whenever you happen to post here.


  5. I know from experience that sometimes it is hard to keep up with blogging/bloggers because there is such a thing called “life”. Now that I am on summer vacation, I have more time, but once school begins in August it will be hard to find the time. Your pics look great. I love the wild flowers.


  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! Your house, new furniture and yard. I am always amazed with all that you can get done.
    Glad you are well. So glad you are enjoying life again!! love and hugs


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