Whee! kend.

It was a fun weekend. The BF, Jim, arrived Friday for a visit. I made Lasagna Stuffed Peppers for dinner, then we enjoyed Ruby Red Grapefruit cocktails while watching one of our favorite movies, “Moonstruck.”

Saturday morning, our handyman came to remove the bushes from the front of our home. They were blocking our second entrance and it was time for them to go. Here is the before and after picture.

Quite a difference, eh?

Since we felt the need to wait around while he was working (he is a lovely treat for the eyes, so there was no really suffering on our part) we had a lazy relaxing morning, putting together a Peanuts puzzle I had received for my birthday:

Just love these characters (and jigsaw puzzles.)

Once the handyman was done, we took a trip to Lowe’s, then hit a liquor store, and made a quick stop at my mom’s before heading home.

Upon returning home, we enjoyed a game of Rummikub on the back porch, before starting dinner. Oh, and out of shear silliness, we painted my fingernails lime green, because why not?

Sorry Kermit, it IS easy being green.

After dinner (Caprese Salad and Chicken Breast baked in homemade Marinara with Mozzarella) we listened to a playlist of my favorite songs and enjoyed a small Lime Martini (just sample size…we were trying a new recipe) before ending the evening with a Pear Martini and a couple episodes of “Sex and the City.” Jim left this morning.

It was a lovely weekend, and felt good to see and spend time with the BF, especially now that I am recovering and able to socialize (and eat) relatively normal again.

Today, we are having a quiet relaxing day inside with the pups. We need to split and evenly distribute the Hostas and Day Lilies in the front yard along the boarder of the front of our house and driveway, but the temps are just too high for us to be out working for long periods of time in the hot sun today. We will wait until there’s a cooler evening this week to do that. (We should wait until the fall, but I am too impatient.) We also received 3 new Rose bushes today, which we will plant tonight, after the temps drop to a less staggering level.

It’s so good to be back on my feet again. Just have to be careful not to overdo it.

15 thoughts on “Whee! kend.

  1. I am so happy to see you’re up and around. Oh, and if it were me I’d put the Green Lantern logo on one of those nails. Of course, I’d probably pick the middle finger so I can really show someone “Beware My Power” when they cut me off in traffic.


  2. The place looks great! And cutting down that monster evergreen was a good security measure too. That way nobody can hide back in there and get up to no good. This time of the year I’ve usually painted my thumbs green, like a glitter green, and I’ve done it for years, but the damn bottle went dry and now I have to buy more. I’ll nominate you my ‘upfront man’ until I can find the ambition to hoist ass and visit the drug store for more.


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