3 is a Magic Number

A sleepy Sassybear says “Hello!

I am consistently waking up at 3:00am every morning. May be the Prednisone, may just be my new sleep pattern. I am 50 now, after all. I do feel fairly well rested (getting a solid 6 hours of sleep each night) but I wonder what wakes me at that time. I know what keeps me awake: my brain. I have two modes – off and on. When my eyes open, so does my flow of thoughts and there’s no shutting them down.

Upon awaking, I do a mental inventory:

Health Assessment: How do I feel? Everything feel normal? Anything new hurt? Anything feel “off” or wrong? No? good!

Today’s Agenda: What’s on tap for today? I have the day off for a Remicade infusion at 8:30pm (call ahead to make sure I can still get the infusion while I’m taking Prednisone) and a 1:45pm post-hospital follow-up with my GI. (This is the big “review the test results, discuss what happened, determine what do we do now” talk. Eek.) I also need to place an order for grocery delivery and try to get some house cleaning done…company’s on the way.

The Worry Log: What issues do I need to deal with and stop stressing about? I need to schedule a dentist appointment for a cleaning. We need to call a plumber to replace some leaky bathroom faucets and fix a leaky outdoor hose faucet. We need to make some kennel and hotel room reservations for some small trips we are planning in the next month or two (knock on wood the health cooperates and stays stable.) We need to call our handyman about a bush removal and porch repair he’s been stalling on since Fall of last year. We need to call about having a permanent AC unit installed upstairs so we can discontinue having to put 2 AC units in the windows upstairs each year. (We have central air, but live in a cape style house that makes for a challenge when trying to cool the upstairs.)

The Good Stuff: What am I looking forward to? We have a small inflatable pool arriving today. I thought it would be fun to set up in the back yard as a nice way to “beat the heat” and relax in the summer. Upstate New York seems to be getting warmer and more humid each summer, and it makes it difficult to enjoy being outside in our great yard space. Hoping the pool helps counteract that. A couple shelves I ordered for the basement (aka Comic Den) should be arriving soon. These are media storage cabinets which are taller and thinner than what I have now…should make for a much better display for my superhero collectibles. We are purchasing a new living room set of modular furniture to replace our heavy dark leather ensemble. It will be smaller, lighter and adjustable (i.e. consists of 5 individual sections that can be connected in various ways to create individual seating, lounges, a bed, a sofa, and or a love seat) making for an easier rearranging of seating as company and decorating for the holidays require. (And easier to move for a couple of out of shape 50 year olds.) Very excited about this. There are big changes happening above me at work that could result in a better, less stressful working environment for me. Still holding out hope for an early retirement incentive, slim though the chance may be. We’re having a friend over for cocktails tomorrow afternoon, then the BFJ (best Friend Jim) is coming for the weekend for a visit. Woohoo!

Etc Etc: These are all the other random thoughts that pop in and out of my head like a prairie dog checking for safe egress. What will I wear to Remicade today? (Choices are limited due to my recent rapid weight loss.) When will the hideously large and ugly arm bruises (from badly muffled attempts to draw blood while I was in the hospital) fade so I can stop wearing long sleeves in this sweltering heat? What should I make for dinner tonight? Do the dogs need a bath? What can I blog about? Have the new comic issues dropped on the DC and Marvel Apps this morning? (I only purchase digital comics these days. I ran out of room for the printed copies.) What should I have for breakfast? Is it too early to start my x-mas shopping? What should I get my niece for her housewarming gift? What will happen today that will surprise me? What is that noise I keep hearing in the wall? Is the Grandfather clock time and chime off a bit? What should I get Jeffrey for his birthday (in September)? What should my next crochet project be? I haven’t played my trombone in a year. I think I might still have some of those cookies I like in the back of the kitchen cabinet. I really need to get some more exercise. I really want to put out more grass seed.

Yup, that all happens in my head while I quietly lie awake in bed. I eventually resign myself that I am not getting back to sleep and get up. I’d like to be more productive in the morning, since I’m up, but everything makes so much noise in the wee hours of the morning, especially when other humans (Jeffrey) and animals (Harvey and Rita Mae) are still sleeping. Going up or down stairs, putting dishes away, cleaning…it all seems thunderous, so I opt for sitting on the screen porch or the living room couch (depending n the temps) and scrolling through various news sights, blogs, games, and online shopping apps on my iPad, iPhone or Macbook, just waiting for the rest of the household to join me in the wakies so I can officially start my day.

But I am eager to start it…I’ve got a lot of living to do.

14 thoughts on “3 is a Magic Number

  1. Once the brain kicks in like that, I am up for the day, like it or not. Early retirement buyouts, I know exactly what my office would need to offer for me to say YES without hesitation.


    • I REALLY shouldn’t hope for the incentive, but a girl can dream. It, of course, would have to be financially viable for me to take it. But I think it would be, if offered at all. If not, I’ll keep counting fine my 5 years 🙂


  2. 3 AM? Almost every morning I wake up at ten of seven. 6:50 AM? What’s up with that? Not 7 AM or 6:39 AM. You play a trombone? Would’ve never guessed it. Me? I played a Sousaphone (not a tuba for which it is frequently mistaken.)


    • Yes sir…3 bands over 4 years, an all-county or two, some orchestra pits and a church brass choir. Now, just sporadically alone in my basement. Don’t let any of that fool you into thinking I am or ever was any good. I wasn’t. I just loved playing it.

      And no self-respecting band member would EVER confuse a Sousaphone with a Tuba.


  3. 1. I have Back Yard Envy. Your place looks great! 2. Prednisone is a BASTARD of a drug. It will screw with your sleep cycles and keep your system permanently jacked up and ready for an emergency – I know because I’m a lifelong asthmatic and me and prednisone have some damn stories. So of course, you sleep hard and then wake up and all that prednisone kicks in and just adds fuel to the fire, as it were. And 3. Glad to be here. Real glad. 😀


    • 1. The descriptions of your yard have filled me with envy. I am ready to add color to my yard, but have no skill. A friend will be helping me choose low maintenance flowers and guide me on how and when to plant them.
      2. The Pred and I are old frenemies. It gets me to functioning again fast, but at a tough price. And this round is really wreaking havoc with my body and functions. I’m grateful I start tapering today.
      3. Glad we connected in blog land. I’m now your devoted follower. I know my posts are far less colorful and interesting, but I’d welcome you to return and comment any time.


  4. Been off the internet for a couple of days and missed this post earlier.

    I mean, it sounds like you are getting some good quality sleep, if not the quantity you might like.

    Brains. Yeah. They can run some crazy lists, right? When mine gets going, there’s no stopping her.

    It is NOT too early to start your Christmas shopping. I hope you’re better at remembering where you stashed your gifts over the year. I have a problem with that. I’ll find the perfect gift for (fill-in-the-blank loved one), buy it, “hide” it somewhere, then forget that I even bought it. Sometimes I’ll find it eventually.
    So last month I found a great stocking stuffer gift that I wanted to get my kids: collapsible cups you can use for travel or emergencies or whatever. A set of 4. One for me, one each for Light and her husband and one for Twitch. (The other two wouldn’t appreciate the gift). I initially thought to squirrel them away until December, but soon realized that this was me I was talking about. So I took the cups with me to Pennsylvania last month when I visited the girl child, and my son is here now from Colorado, so I gave him his cup yesterday. With a Merry Christmas, you know your mother, so here they are now.


    • I’ve kept two large boxes for years that I place early xmas purchases in, and those boxes are kept in the same place, so I don’t lose gifts. My problem is forgetting what I already bought and sometimes buying duplicates 😦 I’ve started keeping a list on my phone of what I have bought for who to help avoid that.


  5. My alarm is supposed to wake me up at 6:20 every morning, but I seem to wake up at 6am on my own. I’m guessing my quality of sleep is much better without noisy neighbors and the new foam mattress. I know I’m not in danger of falling asleep midday during the work week anymore.

    That new furniture sounds exciting!


  6. Prednisone does a lot of funky things to mind and mood.

    This was a well-thought out/well done essay
    Good for you! that you wake and take inventory towards gratitude despite the matters you are doing OK, have support, are loved – and now with a pool !


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