The price of powder room purgation.

I spent a good part of the day scrubbing down our master bathroom, cleaning it corner to corner, top to bottom, hitting every nook and cranny. Although the bathroom now sparkles and shines like a showroom model (Magic Eraser is a miracle worker,) I am now paying the price of all that bending, squatting, standing, stretching, and scouring…

Good thing I have Cosmos to medicate with.

8 thoughts on “The price of powder room purgation.

    • We keep an orderly house and clean regularly. I try to deep clean all rooms once a month. I’ve been laid up for awhile and cleaning fell by the wayside a bit. This was both necessary and cathartic.


  1. I know the feeling. My left knee is acting up, and I have a bookcase, a TV stand, and a coffee table to transport and put together at the new place.

    Oh, if you don’t mind I may have a suggestion to help with the cleaning. I bought a power scrubber off Amazon four years ago called Quickie. There might be better ones out there on the market now, but this thing saves my back and hands whenever I clean the bathrooms.


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