April Fooled

Yup, they got us. We thought it was spring. We thought we could put out the patio furniture, dust off the grill, and start washing our Bermuda shorts.

But nope…


…this happened!

And because THAT happened, THIS happened…

Yup, if you can’t beat ‘em (the evil winter-won’t-go-away snow gods) then join ‘em!

And this lovely batch of strawberry Daiquiris by the fire accompanied a fantastic meal of Egg Roll appetizers (with Duck Sauce and Hot Mustard)

and a Hawaiian Luau Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice with Pineapple that cooked all day in the crock pot.

This picture does NOT do it justice! The chicken was pull-apart tender!

All gluten free.

All delicious.

So suck it, April snowstorm! It’ll take more than that to knock the sass out of this Sassybear!

P.S. The snow didn’t seem to bother the pups or disrupt their routine at all.

Umm…someone got rear ended!

6 thoughts on “April Fooled

  1. I was thinking the same thing AM said. I hope no one was flatulent after that meal. Speaking of which, I want to make homemade egg rolls with the frying pot soon. Yes I could do baked, but I wouldn’t mind a little canola oil in my system right now.


  2. Don’t go kicking footballs. Stick to the chicken and daiquiris you’re used to.

    Incidentally, that spread looks dramatically more appetizing than Ensure and puddings. I am glad you are able to digest food again.


  3. The chicken and pineapple look delicious!
    Yesterday was baseball season opening day, and it snowed in Detroit during their game. As you may know, snow and baseballs are both white. That made for at least one amusing incident in their game.
    Your dinner, Daiquiris, and cozy fire are an excellent antidote to a late winter snowstorm.


  4. It’s been a little cooler here in the Metro Atlanta region. But the way I can tell – last months electric bill and mind you the heat and cooling is electric. Plus I’ve been using the dishwasher a lot. $114 that’s it so March was overall warmer.


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