Eyes wide shut

The insomnia’s back. I don’t know why, I’ve slept well the last week, and fully expected to do so again last night, but no such luck.

The worst part about being awake all night, for me, besides the frustration of being tired but unable to sleep, is that I can’t do anything productive. There is nowhere I can go in our house and nothing I can do that won’t wake one of the other three occupants (Jeffrey, Harvey, or Rita Mae.) Going upstairs or down to the basement creaks the stairs. Shuffling about or trying to do anything is sure to wake the dogs. So I’m kind of trapped. I can watch TV silently using my wireless ear buds, or read on my iPad, but that’s about it. Hell, I’d even prefer to log into my work computer and get some work done rather than waste and kill 8 or 9 hours until the rest of the household wakens. But that requires going into the basement on creaky stairs.

I’ll have to plan for these sleepless nights better by making sure I have other things I can do quietly already on the main floor.

It’s going to be a long, tiring day at work today.


12 thoughts on “Eyes wide shut

  1. Coincidentally, Bill had insomnia last night too. I sleep like the dead. Actually too hard sometimes. Once in a great while I’ve had that sleepless night. I can imagine how awful that is on a more regular basis. I hope by the time you read this comment you’re back to your regular sleep pattern.


  2. One of the things I find most heartless about work is that sometimes you are tired and could really use a nap, and you aren’t allowed to have one!

    I hope the insomnia lets up. Sleep is so important!


    • I struggle with the “9 to 5” work paradigm, philosophically, and support a more flexible work structure to allow you to accommodate life needs as you need them, not just when you’re able to address them outside of work. But that is not a popular concept for employees who are not CEOs. Sigh.


  3. Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m back riding first class on the insomnia train. I haven’t been able to get to bed before 2 am the last two nights.


  4. Just get up and let the stairs creak! The other occupants of the house will soon go back to sleep. Sorry Jeffrey, Harvey, and Rita Mae, just get over it. LOL Personally, I find reading a boring book will help me get to sleep. Or just a non-boring book.


    • That’s what Jeffrey said, too. And I’m sure I’m overthinking it and overworrying about it. Everything just sounds so damn loud at 2am in the dark. Reading does help some times, but not always.


  5. I have my gin and tonic at night…and then before bed I sip a cordial or a sniffner of bourbon and the rocks…and sip an hour before bed. I sleep like a baby 95% of the time.

    I hope you can end this cycle.


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