Out, Damn Inflammation!

So, here I am at my Remicade Infusion Lab, hooked up and hanging out:

As of today, I am going from 500mg to 900mg infusions, and I’m moving from every 8 weeks to every 4 weeks, in the hopes we can prevent future Crohn’s flare ups. My recent MRI showed no signs of obstructions, twists, or adhesions (YAY!) which means we are solely dealing with inflammation. Hopefully, the Remicade will get rid of that. In celebration, I will be re-introducing solid foods into my diet this weekend. Slowly, and in small amounts, of course, but I’m still excited about it. I will do my best to keep off the 56 pounds I lost, but no promises. Wish me luck. Also, I only have 4 more days of Prednisone and then…you guessed it…Mama needs a Cosmo! Although my energy levels are still extremely low, I am otherwise feeling much better and in relatively good spirits. I know Jeffrey will miss waiting on me hand and foot, but we all have to make sacrifices for the greater good, now and then.

Speaking of MRIs, Jeffrey got me a new little car buddy as a “feel better gift” while he was waiting for me to finish with the MRI. (MRIs are not particularly, but they can be a little uncomfortable (especially in my current state) and are time consuming. So it was a nice little surprise and pick me up. Meet Murray, my car giraffe (Get it? “Murray” “M-R-I”?) He’s holding rolled up blanket, if you’re wondering.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Today, temps are still in the 30s (brrrr!) but the sun is shining like it’s making up for lost time (As well it should.) As of tomorrow, temps will climb to and remain in the mid-50s to low 60s for at least the next 10 days. THAT is music to my ears. If my energy reserves allow, I have a few projects planned…small, but it will be good to DO something again. I have some new spice jars to fill and label, and I want to switch to our spring curtains in the dining room. If I feel better than expected, I will reorganize my clothes closet, which is getting a bit disheveled. (I know – you’re aghast at my party animal ways.) I also need to watch the Zack Snyder cut of “Justice League” which was released on HBO Max yesterday. I need to see what all the fuss is about. I wasn’t a fan of the original when it was released, so let’s see if reediting improved it at all.

That’s about it for now. Everyone stay safe and eat a yummy treat this weekend, calories be damned! You never know when you won’t be able to.

6 thoughts on “Out, Damn Inflammation!

  1. Food! Real food! Good luck, I hope your gut takes it like a man.
    Time for us to change out our shower curtain. It’s the only seasonal change in décor that we make, and I forgot to put up the winter one, so as far as our bathroom knows, we’re still in fall.
    Have a great and energetic weekend!


  2. Well, if you gain back some of those pounds please do not go back on this diet to lose them again. Yo-yo dieting is unhealthy.

    Your mask is adorable. I am pretty sure you showed it off before, but it is still adorable.


  3. I love your mask, and I can help you gain a pound or two tonight. I’m making chicken strips in the tempura frying pot and baking French fries to go with them. I don’t care whether or not I get fired anymore. I’m going to live.


  4. Wishing you better health, the car giraffe is cute, I have had a little bear in the backseat for about 29 years, a gift from my sweet bear on our first weekend getaway.


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