In the clear?

It’s been over 32 hours since I got my 2nd vaccination shot, and there have been no major side effects, so I’m thinking I’m in the clear. My Injection shoulder is sore (as expected) and I feel a little…run down, but that could also just be my current state of malnutrition, so I’m calling it a win. Of course, it will be two weeks before the vaccine takes full effect, so I’ll be counting the days until then. Not that I plan on relaxing my COVIDgilance (isolation, masking, and disinfecting) but it will bring peace of mind that I am as protected as I can be for now.

I am feeling guilty that I did not take Mogo for a spin yesterday or today. (Is it weird that I feel guilty for not taking my new wheels for a daily drive?) I considered taking him for a quick jaunt after work, but it’s bitter cold out and, quite frankly, I’m exhausted. (I am so tired of being tired all of the time. Is “fatigue fatigue” a thing?) I did purchase a few items for him, though: a small collapsible nylon garbage bag, a set of disposable interior wipes, and some hand sanitizer. On the way is a small tray that fits into the center storage console. I had one in Hedwig, and already miss having one in Mogo. It’s where I keep my work garage parking pass, Altoids, and a pen for easy access. It’s the little things, folks.

Tonight’s dinner consisted of “Mashed Potato Soup” (mashed potatoes thinned down with beef bouillon) with a chocolate pudding cup chaser. Not a feast fit for kings or queens, of course, but a nice step up from yet another Ensure. I am planning my slow reintroduction of solid foods, which will (hopefully) start this weekend. Safe bets are fresh fish, rice, eggs, and toast. Not the pizza and pasta I want, but it’s a start.

We had two days of nicer weather this weekend, but we’re back to bitter cold temps in the twenties, with a wind-chill factor making it feel like it’s in the teens. I am SO ready for warmer weather and returning greenery. I miss my bird-filled yard, rustling leafy trees, and early morning coffee on the porch. Sigh…

10 thoughts on “In the clear?

  1. Hooray for Mashed Potato Soup! Fortunately, I have never had to subsist on Ensure, but I can’t imagine it is fun even if you get the chocolate flavored one.


    • It’s not the worst thing to have to occasionally consume for short periods of time and there are several flavors and varieties with different nutritional value: clear punch, vanilla, strawberry, butternut pecan, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc. I’m grateful to have something to “eat” at all. It just loses its appeal when you’re drinking it long term.

      And I’ll never complain about eating mash potatoes for any reason.


  2. So glad to hear you are on the mend. Also happy for you that you are vaccinated. Yea!! I must have been really delinquent in reading…..I did not know about Mogo. Good for you to have some bright/happy spots in times when your health/life has been not so happy. Take care, hoping that only the BEST and all kinds of goodness are heading your way. Hugs


  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I know what you need to buy Mogo. A USB flash drive. Mogo needs theme music!


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