A week’s worth of words

Lots to share. It’s been a long week.

I may have been a tad bit premature announcing my road to recovery last weekend. After doing well for a couple days at home on the weekend, I had two days in a row of gut pain (Monday and Tuesday) shortly after getting out of bed in the morning and having my first coffee and delicious Ensure of the day. Fortunately, we realized right away it was the Mirilax I was putting in my coffee in the morning, which I immediately stopped adding and, the next day, the pain did not return. (We had suspected I might have developed an intolerance to Mirilax earlier on, but after they determined I was in a Crohn’s flare-up, we foolishly assumed THAT was the problem, not the Mirilax itself.) I had a follow-up with my GI last Thursday and all tests conclude I have acclimated to my Remicade dosage and need to increase it to obtain the same anti-inflammatory effects it has been providing me since 2014. So I will get an increased dosage, and start getting my infusions every 4 weeks, instead of every 8 weeks. Not thrilled about that, honestly, but if it works, it’s necessary and I’ll do what I gotta do to stay healthy. I have to go for an MRI this Wednesday as a precaution, to rule out any other issues like bowel obstructions or strictures. In the meantime, I have to remain on a liquid diet until it’s confirmed I have no internal impediments to solid food. Once that’s confirmed (assuming it is – knock on wood) I can slowly start introducing solid foods back into my diet, as I can tolerate. It’s a scary “trial and error” process, because the wrong food and/or amount can send me into painful gut spasms. Fortunately, my GI prescribed me anti-spasmodic pain meds (why have I never been prescribed these before?) in the event I have any further episodes at home while re-introducing solids. That gives me some sense of safety in reintroducing food. Make no mistake, I miss solid food and want to start eating properly again, it’s just scary because I don’t want to be in pain any more. I’m kinda over the pain. A lot. Still, one cannot live on Ensure, V-8, Bouillon, and Apple Sauce indefinitely. (Although it’s a great way to lose 56 pounds in 3 months, if you really want that narrower waistline bad enough. But I don’t recommend it.) What do I miss most, besides chewing? EVERYTHING! I want it all: Pasta, Pizza, Tacos, Sandwiches, Casseroles, Salads, Eggs, Pancakes, Cookies, Wine, Cocktails…you name it, I crave it. I also miss sleeping every night. The Prednisone is causing insomnia and I am having a terrible time sleeping. Many nights I don’t sleep at all, some only 2-3 hours in total. I am slowly tapering off the P-sone (as one must do to avoid adverse reactions) so I hope that starts to improve soon. Surviving on liquids and little sleep has left me extremely energy-less, so I have spent most of the week just resting and napping during my non-work hours, when I can.

BUT, that’s not all I’ve done.

I finally got my “new” basement office together and I love it. We just replaced the mishmash of non-matching office furniture with a proper, larger desk and matching bookshelves, and it looks and functions so much better. See for yourself

L: Before; R: After – Along the back wall separating my office from the comic book room. I replaced my art supply cabinet and awkward bulky corner shelf with two matching shelves on either side of the doorway.
L: After; R: Before (not sure why I stitched these pics in reverse order of the others) – Far wall had that large clunky corner shelf I mentioned above and small book case, which I replaced with 3 tall bookshelves and moved the smaller one in front of the stairs. Soooo much more shelf/display space and it looks much “cleaner” and more organized.

L: Before; R: After – My makeshift tiny desk with metal file cabinet and 2 clunky deep stackable shelf units (all different colors) were replaced with a larger desk with built in drawers and cabinet.

I am so happy with the result and enjoy working at my desk and in this space so much more now.

There was another big change at Sassyland, as well: A new car. (Gasp!) We were just about to pay off my existing car, Hedwig, my black 2016 Subaru Forrester, which I love. We started discussing whether I should trade her in or keep her. She had a dent from a mysterious “collision” that happened in the parking garage at work one day two years ago while it was parked – I suspect the doings of a disgruntled co-worker, honestly – which we intended to have fixed but never got around to doing. If I traded her in now, we could pay it off by the time I retire in 2026, and then my car would be both dentless and only 5 years old, instead of 10. We even got a surprising trade in offer for Hedwig, much higher than we expected. Additionally, preliminary research showed we could upgrade to a 2021 model without increasing our monthly payment. And, last but not least, I could get the model I was looking at in a shade of Green, which was REALLY appealing to me, because Green is my favorite color. After some discussion, pros-and-cons lists, further research, and contemplation, we decided to go for it. On Tuesday, as I was not feeling well enough to go, Jeffrey headed to a car dealer that had the model in the color I wanted, for discussions and a test drive. On Friday morning, we returned to the dealership together to sign papers. An hour after arriving, I had a new ride! Meet Mogo, my new 2021 Subaru Forrester Touring, in Jasper Green:

I absolutely love him. Lots of new bells and whistles, and he drives even smoother than Hedwig. Mogo is named after a Green Lantern – a sentient planet that is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, responsible for policing Space Sector 1014. Can the name be more perfect for my new car? I think not.

Speaking of Green Lantern, I scored MEGA deals in obtaining these two key issues of the Green Lantern Comic Series from eBay recently, both for incredible deals. Although they still weren’t cheap, they were cheaper than anything I’ve seen in forever, and feel very lucky to have gotten them both. And while not pristine, they are both in excellent condition.

On the left: Issue # 85, the first mainstream comic to deal with drug addiction, made even more poignant since the addict was Green Arrow’s bow wielding sidekick and former Teen Titan, Roy Harper A.K.A. “Speedy”; On the Right: Issue # 87, featuring the first appearance of John Stewart as the “back-up” Green Lantern of Earth. Arguably, John Stewart’s popularity has far surpassed Hal Jordan’s, since being featured as the Green Lantern on the on the 2001-2004 “Justice League” animated series and the subsequent sequel series “League Unlimited” from 2004-2006.

In yet more comic collecting geek news, I just completed my 3 volume set of Alex Ross artwork : Volume 1: Mythology (his DC Comics artwork) which I received a couple years ago for a birthday present; Volume 2: Marvelocity (his Marvel Comics artwork) which I just received in the mail today; and Volume 3: Dynamite Art (his Dynamite Comics artwork) which I received as a gift this past Christmas. Alex Ross is one of my favorite Comic Book Artists, using real life models as reference to obtain as realistic looking images as possible for his characters, and I am thrilled to finally own all three volume collections of his work:

And, finally, I received my second vaccination of Pfizer this morning. Wahoo!

I was in and out of the vaccine center in 20 minutes, which included a 15 minute precautionary wait time after getting the shot. If there was an award for “Smooth Vaccination Operation,” SUNY Albany would win it, hands down. So far, no adverse effects, but it’s only been a few hours. I do feel extremely tired but, to be fair, I felt that way before the shot. I took tomorrow off from work just in case, as I heard some people start to feel flu-like symptoms 24 hours after getting the second shot. I hope I don’t (Jeffrey had no adverse reactions to his first or second Moderna shots) but I’m prepared to stay in bed all day tomorrow if I’m one of the unfortunate few who has a stronger reaction. (And with my track record…)

And that’s all the news unfit to print. Stay safe , everyone, and maybe wish me luck that I’m eating toast and rice by Friday!

18 thoughts on “A week’s worth of words

  1. Toast and rice sounds very nearly delicious, much more so after an all liquid diet. Good luck!
    This is a newsy post! So much to digest. The car looks fabulous! Congratulations on the new ride. Nice score on the comics and art books, too.
    Hope you continue to feel better every day, and are able to get some sleep.


  2. oooooooooooh, what a nice ride!
    and your office looks more calm and organized. pity work still sux big time.
    I hope you don’t have too bad a reaction to shot #2. I get my second on april 2 (pfizer).

    believe it or don’t, we have to give miss oreo kitty 1/4 tsp of miralax in her wet food 2x/day. yes, for THAT reason. it works for her and was recommended by her vet.

    LOVE YOU! hope you get good results from the MRI.


  3. Congrats on the new purchases, including Mogo. I hope you’re able to eat solid foods again and feel better soon. I remember being on a liquid diet for a couple of weeks due to a surgery and while it’s a great way to lose weight I was miserable.


  4. The new car looks great! And I LOVE the color. I owned 2 Subarus back in the olden days (the 1980s, before there were Outbacks or Forresters). Then I had a Jeep that I absolutely loved. My next car, after the Jeep, was going to be a Subaru Outback, but we moved to France before that could happen.


  5. Oh you poor thing. I don’t even know you that well, and want to hug you for going through this. Mirilax in your coffee?!?!?! Not to be tmi, but doesn’t that back you up, or make you go or something??? I love coffee, but that alone keep things moving quite fine in itself for me!!!!!

    I am still getting caught up with everyone since taking time away.. You have been busy. The new room looks great!!!! What a difference! And colorful. A nice comics room. I wonder if any Poison Ivy is in there, lol!!!!!!


    • I had my large intestine removed in 1999, so my small intestine does all the work. The Mirilax helps keep things “flowing smoothly” so my small intestine doesn’t have to work as hard to excise digested food. I’ll have to find an alternative now that the Mirilax makes me sick.

      Poison Ivy certainly makes appearances in some of my 10,000+ comic book collection. 🙂


  6. The shocking truth about drugs: lots of people find them fun. Also they are helping keep you alive, for which we are grateful.

    Is that issue as cringey as I expect it is?


  7. Oh the horror a male car name. I’ve always been in the camp that cars always get female names. Hence Artemis. It’s funny I’ve been studying a bit again this time the human gut. Every time the spouse goes to the hospital I learn something new. Peristalsis for example. The gut is pretty much in motion the entire time.

    Like I’ve said before I should have studied medicine but my own experience showed me that we;’re not teaching to the point of using the technological advantaged that have come about in the past couple of decades.


    • I don’t follow such silly rules. He felt like a he, therefore, he’s a he. To each his own.

      I think those who deal with health issues (their own or others) as part of their daily life become educated about their ailments out of necessity. We never stop researching and learning about my issues, and do not rely solely on what we’re told by the medical community. It’s just our way of life and we want to do everything we can to mitigate my symptoms and live as normal life as possible. I know you get that.


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