Vaccination Frustration

OK. I’m joining the bandwagon. Trying to register for a vaccination in New York sucks. Let’s get this out of the way up front:

Yes, I know I’m lucky to be eligible for one now (if you call having a chronic disease lucky).
Yes, I know I am lucky I have a job that will allow me to go wherever and whenever I need to, to get it.
No, I don’t imagine trying to run a statewide (or federal) registration and vaccination program is easy

Having said that, it is not a pleasant experience to try to get an appointment. My eligibility group (immunocompromised disorders) became eligible in New York yesterday (Monday Feb 15th). However, we became eligible to register for vaccination appointments on Sunday the 14th, one day prior. I started trying to find, and register for, an appointment Sunday morning. After 3 days, multiple searches, 3 failed attempts to register (I got to the end of the available appointment registration process three times only to get an “unable to post” error message) and 3 different devices (iPhone, MacBook Pro, and PC) I was finally able to schedule an appointment on April 14th (almost 2 months out) 3 hours away for my first shot. However, later this morning, through the thoughtful and diligent efforts of my husband and a friend, I was able to secure another appointment a week earlier at a local vaccination center, only 20 minutes away. I am very relieved and grateful. I have cancelled my 3-hour-away appointment and will continue to look for an earlier appointment, but at least I don’t have to spend 12 hours on the road to get my vaccinations (2 shots, 3 hours each way.)

I understand vaccinations and appointments are far too limited for the amount of people who want them, and I was under no illusion that I would get one really soon or necessarily at a “close” facility. It’s the process of locating an available location and time slot and actually securing it that is frustrating. If that was MY experience, I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for seniors less tech savvy than myself, without people in their lives to assist them.

Get your act together, New York. Our lives depend on it – literally.

Stay safe, all.

15 thoughts on “Vaccination Frustration

  1. It sucks that you don’t get vaccinated until April, but it is nice you found someplace relatively close.

    Current plans are that my demographic does not become eligible for the vaccine until August (if things go according to schedule, which they won’t). I ought to be sanguine about this but it has been a bit of a blow.


  2. I volunteered to check in folks at a vaccination administration site in NYC, and let’s say it was a bit of a mess. For the 65+ crowd, I would image that it’s next to impossible having to deal with multiple websites for securing an appointment.

    April seems so far away. Hopefully, as more of the vaccine becomes, you will be able to secure an earlier appointment. Good luck.


  3. I am lucky because as a teacher I am considered essential personnel and I got my first vaccine last week. I have also thought of elderly people who are not internet/tech savvy. This would be a nightmare for them and they are the ones who really need the shot.


  4. Registration was easy here, but we have to wait to be told when an appointment might be available, they are only booking a week or so at a time, as the supply of vaccine comes in. I expect summer for me.


    • I didn’t realize other states were using the “lottery” approach as opposed to our “hunger games” approach until I started reading these comments. Wondering if a federal roll out plan would have been better/more fair?


  5. I live in Butler, PA and signed up with our local hospital. One week later the department of aging scheduled my vaccine. I got it today. I know NY is way bigger than us but try calling the department of aging and see what they say. Good luck.


  6. After hearing the PA was doing poorly compared to most other states, I was pleasantly surprised to get a notice from my health care system that I was now eligible for my first vaccine. Scheduling went smoothly: I’m set with an appointment early next week. But now I hear some providers in the state have been using supplies that were supposed to be reserved for second doses to give people their first doses; what this will mean for the supply chain is unclear. I remain cautiously optimistic to be scheduled, and seeing a light at the end of this very long tunnel.


  7. I have no clue when I’ll be eligible for the vaccine, but at least I know it will be available at Uncle Albertson’s (the grocery store) at some point. I’m definitely making an appointment once I’m eligible.


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