And the beat goes on

After experiencing 7 days of progressively feeling better with fading issues, I finally feel safe to say I’ve made it through another health crisis. It’s been a long few weeks, that really hit me hard, both physically and emotionally, but the important thing is that I’m pulling out of it (again) and managed to avoid another hospital stay, which I really do not want. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realized just how hard a time I was having until I had a small breakdown on the phone with a staff member on Friday and very inapropriately began crying (which is something I just don’t do at work or in front of co-workers.) That’s when I knew I needed a little mental health break – so I ended my day at 10:30am am on Friday, and took today off as a personal day to recoup, recharge, and recover (i.e. pull myself together.)

So, what have I been doing during my week of recovery, you ask? Well….shopping, what else?

Jeffrey purchased me a cheer-up t-shirt of a giraffe illustrating the correct way to wear a face masks (because some people just can’t seem to figure it out on their own):

C’mon folks…it’s just not that difficult.

We also purchased a new giraffe curtain for our guest bathroom upstairs (aka Jeffrey’s office bathroom)

A few steamy showers should take those wrinkles right out.

I purchased the final volume of the Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest series and now have a complete set:

A bit elusive, this issue #68 was.

Along the top of the shelves below (which hold my Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels in my basement comic book room), sandwiched between my Super Stuffed Animals, you’ll see my complete set of digest size comics, including DC Special Blue Ribbon Digests (1-24); Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digests (1-72); DC Adventure Comics ( 491-503 – only the last 13 issues were digest size); and Archie’s Super Hero Specials 1-2. There are a few other Digests-size books, but these are the only one’s I wanted for my collection. It’s always exciting to compete a series of books.

The irony that I love “Digests” does not escape me.

I also ordered a set of Lantern Corpse rings, which are metal and adjustable, so can be worn by adults:

Each ring represents a different Lantern Corps, powered by a different emotion spectrum:

  • White Lantern (only one) powered by Life
  • Red Lanterns powered by Rage
  • Orange Lantern powered by Avarice
  • Yellow Lanterns powered by Fear
  • Green Lanterns powered by Will
  • Blue Lanterns powered by Hope
  • Indigo Lanterns powered by Compassion
  • Violet Lanterns powered by Love
  • Black Lanterns powered by Death

It will be a sweet addition to my already sizable Green Lantern ring collection. While I’d normally add this to my X-mas or birthday wishlist, it was a must have item I wasn’t willing to risk not being able to get at a later date. A (collector) girls’ gotta have what a girl’s gotta have, no?

As I slowly began adding solid food back into my diet to confirm I could tolerate it, I was finally able to build up to and enjoy my ideal breakfast this past weekend: coffee (2 Stevia and a splash of Lactaid milk, please); sunny-side-up eggs (because it’s “all about the yoke; ’bout the yoke; no hard fried”); gluten free toast with butter (can’t have yolk with out something to dip in it); and Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange drink (which long ago replaced the much preferred but way-to-sugary and calorie filled orange juice.)

Breakfast fit for queens!

I am slowly moving to a low FODMAP diet (which is not how you do it, but I have too much food to get through to just dispose of it). Just click the linked word “FODMAP” if you’re curious about it. To facilitate good gut health and portion control, we have signed up for a weekly meal delivery plan. Unlike the Green Chef meal plan we previously used, which required us to prep and cook every meal, all the meals we’re getting now are low FODMAP, Gluten Free, low-calorie, and come vacuum packed, fully cooked and prepared. All we have to do is reheat and eat. We tested it out for one week before I stopped being able to eat, and the food was surprisingly good, so we’ve returned to it, at least for a while. We just enjoyed the first of our new batch last night: Lemon Chicken and Pasta with Kale. Tell me this doesn’t look good for a meal that came prepared, cooked, vacuum packed, and shipped overnight in a box:

Seriously, the meals are surprisingly good, and require no time to prepare (i.e. heat up) so its simple, easy, portion controlled, and totally worth it. And we can cancel it any time on line, without hassle; or skip a week; or add or reduce the number of meals. So far, it’s been great and we’re loving it.

One of the foods I’ve had to give up since discovering my gluten intolerance is Chinese food (at least, the US of A version of Chinese food.) I miss it horribly. So I’ve collected gluten free recipes for all our favorites – Eggs Rolls w/ Duck Sauce and Hot Mustard; Sweet & Sour Chicken; Sesame Chicken; Chicken w/Broccoli; General Tso’s Chicken; Orange Chicken; Chicken Lo Mein; Chicken Chow Mein; and Lettuce Wraps and Street Noodles (from P.F. Chang’s) – and w will allow ourselves a “Chinese Take Out” night once a month. (Hey, even the gluten free versions or not very healthy. Gotta watch the carbs and calories as well.) Given my limited culinary skills, this may present a challenge. But if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad….

We are gearing up to file (and likely pay) our taxes next week. We like to have it done and out of the way. I’m fine with paying taxes – I believe in paying our fair share to support the community, neighborhood at large, and country – but I’d sure like to figure out just how much withholding we need, to avoid paying a bunch every February. We do the calculations, and increase accordingly every year, but we never seem to be able to get ahead of the owe. Uggh! We do not have stimulus checks to look forward to, but we are very OK with that. We both work full time, have not lost a days pay during the entire pandemic, still have a warm, dry, safe roof over head, have never missed a meal (health issues aside) and have good health care benefits. That money is not for us – it is for those who need it, and I am glad they’ll get what they can, even though I know it is nowhere near enough. I feel fortunate I do not struggle like others, and sympathetic that others even have to. I am sad that other countries have managed to provide families weekly stipends during the whole pandemic shutdown, and we squabble over the second of two measly payments while corporations are making record profits. Although, we don’t even house, clothe, or feed all those that need it in good times, so why should I think we’d successfully do it in bad times? (Yikes. That got morbid fast.)

Anyhoo, my dear bloggerland buddies, that is what I have been up to since posting last Monday. I am feeling like my old self again and happy to be back on the wellness wagon. I appreciate all the well wishes and comments of concern.

On a final note, the Governor of NY opens up vaccination eligibility on Sunday to people with comorbidities and immunosuppressive conditions (or those who have to take meds that cause immunosuppression, like me) so I will be joining the millions of New Yorkers trying to secure one of the thousands of available vaccinations. While I am under no illusion I will be able to obtain a vaccination any time soon, I’m grateful to be eligible to try, none the less. Wish me luck.

Stay safe, everyone.

16 thoughts on “And the beat goes on

  1. It is wonderful to hear from you, we worry you know when we don’t. It is perfectly acceptable to take a personal day. I need one, I am planning to be sick on Friday.


  2. I’m looking forward to when SC opens up vaccine availability to folks like me. I have co-morbid conditions that compromise my immunity, but youngsters like me aren’t able to get the vaccine yet, immune conditions notwithstanding. (Can you believe that’s one word?)
    Love the giraffe mask demonstration shirt! The new shower curtain rod is quite fetching, also.
    So glad to hear the gut seems to have settled now. Here’s hoping for a long stretch of comfort. Long, long stretch… like years! Decades!


  3. So nice to hear you doing much better…and make sure to not over do it. That pasta looks amazing! You have given me an idea for dinner tonight…shrimp scampi.

    So you must be the blogger Anne Marie said likes giraffes? I think I gifted her something or othe,r of a giraffe, and she said some blogger she knew would love it. Mine is elephants and lions, but closely followed by giraffes. I and a friend have plans to take a trip to Nairobi one day to stay at a place called giraffe manor. He wanted to do it already, but I could afford to do it so close coming off a trip to Argentina that same year. But it’s on the list for 2022 or 2023.

    And watch those rings….RJ might want those!!!!!!!


    • We will be having Shrimp Scampi for Valentine’s Day dinner Sunday. (I’m still cooking two days a week.) Yes, i am the guilty giraffe party. I always liked them, but about 8 years ago my like become a passionate love and our house quickly filled up with them. I have visited all the local live giraffes I have located. I am familiar with Giraffe Manor and have watched videos of people being interrupted at breakfast by giraffes helping themselves to the food. What an amazing experience that would be. If you go, please do take video and pictures so i can live vicariously. Elephants are my second favorite and I’ve peppered the house with a few (and are second on my stop at any animal preserve) but hubby rests my collecting yet another thing, so I keep it in check. (Truth be told, all animals are my jam!) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  4. I am so glad to hear that you (finally) on the mend. I also hope you get the vaccine. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I was supposed to get my first dose on Jan. 29, but they ran out of supplies. I am next slated for this Thursday or Friday. Hopefully not Friday as that’s my appointment with the oncologist to help me decide the best treatment options.
    You stay safe too!


  5. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better, and you just gave me an idea. I wonder if maybe you don’t have to give up Chinese or Japanese food? I don’t buy dashi (Japanese stock) at the store due to additives, and I found out I can make it boiling and then steeping kombu seaweed and bonito flakes. That’s it. Nothing else to add, and the stock is the base for a lot of Japanese dishes.

    That hot pot skillet I bought is pretty good for easy recipes, too. Maybe look into that?


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