Some days, like today…

You wake up, realize it’s insanely cold outside, and just need to say fukkit, put on your giraffe jammies, and stay by the fire.

Giraffebear’s my name, warmth is my game.

I’m not even going to pretend like today’s going to be a productive day. It’s Sunday, our chores are done, it’s bitter outside, we have movies to watch, and we have two dogs looking for warm laps. So we will build a roaring fire in the fireplace and settle in for the day.

Stay safe (and warm.)

10 thoughts on “Biraffe

  1. Now that is cold. I thought I had it bad when for the past week it was just above freezing when I woke up every morning.

    I’m also wondering if they make a onesie in my size. I think work might get a kick out of it if I wore one during one of our future online meetings.


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