I can’t sleep, therefore I blog.

It’s 3am and I’m wide awake. I’ve learned laying in bed tossing and turning only wakes the dogs and disturbs the husband, so I move to the living room. Some times just the relocation helps me drift back to sleep (but not usually.)

I feel good. Better than I’ve felt for awhile. I upped my food intake to a small piece of fish last night with soup like mashed potatoes (mashed potatoes with bouillon added to make it soupy.) The trick is to balance hunger with caution: eat enough to energize but not enough to stress the system.

It snowed here the last two days and it’s been very cold for awhile. Jeffrey has kept us all toasty by building nightly fires. He is master of the hearth, for sure.

It appears likely our isolation will not end this year, so no trips or visits or out of the house celebrations for another 12 months. I feel like this should bother me more than it does.

I patiently await my chance for a Vaccine. Jeffrey is scheduled for his first in March. His employment qualifies him. I have to wait until compromised immune systems are added to the eligibility list. Given the shortage of vaccines and the complications of delivery we’re seeing, I imagine it’ll be late 2021 to early 2022 before we are both fully vaccinated. That’s ok. Other people more at risk than I am need it more. I hate the cause for the isolation, but not do much the isolation itself. I hope I can continue to work from home until I am fully vaccinated.

I had a run-in with a subordinate today, who refused any responsibility for her inappropriate actions and fought with me for addressing it, accusing me of worsening her health for trying to supervise her (oh, the irony!) I work with bad people, folks. They do not believe in an honest days work, and abuse the system horribly, taking full advantage of working from home full time by only working part-time and rarely, if ever, doing much work. They are rude and unprofessional, and I look forward to the day I am no longer forced to work with people like this to make a living. It is very much like working with poorly behaved, spoiled children.

Today is my last work day of the week. Despite my poor health, I’ve been putting in extra time every day to try to get ahead of the endlessly mounting work. I look forward to the three day weekend ahead. If my health stays improved, it should be a peaceful relaxing weekend. There are comics to read, movies to watch, puzzles to assemble, yarn to crochet, and, if I’m lucky – small meals of solid food to prepare and consume. In other words, it’s going to be a party hardy weekend at the Sassypad, folks!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane!

10 thoughts on “I can’t sleep, therefore I blog.

  1. Fun post, glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Not everyone can be counted on to work remotely, many can, but not everyone.


  2. I’m sorry that you’ll unable to sleep. I’ve been having the same experience lately. One thing I always had was the ability to drop off to sleep quickly. Hopefully, that will return soon for both of us. By the way, you write a nice blog entry. Be well my friend.


    • Thank you Ron for such a nice comment. I can’t wait to hear that Bill is home again. You’ve made me cry so many times lately. The NY Boys are keeping you in our thoughts until then!


  3. I’m sorry I wasn’t the only one who had a sleepless night recently. I hope you’re doing much better and getting rest this weekend.


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