Bite-size Body Guard

Above you see my little body guard.

I am still in the throes of yuchy-guts-palooza (which comes with sides of fatigue and chills). As I finish my exhausting, stressful work day, I head upstairs to retire to the loveseat in front of the fire, and he is right there on my lap, guarding me from any harm. And he won’t budge unless I do. He takes this duty very seriously, and wont hesitate to let out a very soft growl under his breath if anyone approaches me. (He never snaps or gets louder. I think it’s more of a “Be careful” than an actual threat.) And every once in a while, he will walk up to my face to sniff and maybe give me a quick kiss, then immediately return to his sentry position.

I think he’s checking to see if I’m dead.

What a guy!

15 thoughts on “Bite-size Body Guard

  1. Oh hell! If only you could have one very long nice period of being without your regular physical troubles. It must be mentally fatiguing on top of all the pain and discomfort. But you do have the solace and comfort of a faithful friend and guard who, I’ve no doubt at all, would willingly lay down his life for you. If only he’d been standing on the Capitol steps a week ago he’d have shown that utterly disgraceful, insane mob what courage really is.


  2. I was scrolling down, reading, you mentioned him checking your face, and I thought, he checking to see if you are still alive, scroll down, laugh. I hope you are feeling better soon, hang in there the dogs need you.


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