Bad Day

I spent the day in gut pain, which is never fun and quite exhausting.

To make it more entertaining, my Mother decided to go on a non-essential shopping trip with a friend today, despite the fact we’re in the middle of a raging pandemic, cases are spiking in our area, we have a new, more contagious strain, and she is a 75 year old with COPD. She locked her keys in her car, so I had to stop work, go to her house for the spare key, and bring it to her all while my guts were on fire, and wound up having to work late to finish up work.

There will be words.

12 thoughts on “Bad Day

  1. Words! Words words words!! But then again, parents are at that age when they don’t listen. They think they know everything and the last thing they want is their children embarrassing them in front of their friends. At some point you just have to shake your head and be resolute in not disowning them.

    So sorry about the gut troubles. I am glad you are grateful for your privileges, but chronic pain still sucks.

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    • And when she’s just a foolish old lady, I take that position. But she refuses to isolate, then expects me to put myself at risk of exposure for her bad choices. She is about to get some tough love 🙂

      Yeah, gut pain sucks. It is what it is.


  2. Oh my God! I’m sorry to hear you were in pain, and that Mother is starting to treat this pandemic like everyone in my apartment complex has.


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