Spice Grrrl

This is how some of us process the anxiety of watching the President of the United States incite insurgency and sedition…we organize our spice cabinet.

Because of how and where we store spices (a pull out shelf in our pantry) we have to pull out spice after spice looking for the one we want. (First world problems, am I right?) I’ve tried to buy spices with the labels on the lid, but the ones I’ve found are expensive and we can’t find all the spices we use regularly. Jeffrey found a do-it-yourself spice jar kit on line so we purchased a set of 25 spice jars and labels and it was delivered two days ago. Today, I transferred all of our spices into the new jars. The kit comes with a pretty big assortment of spice label stickers for the lids, but it doesn’t have everything. Fortunately, it also comes with blank labels and a white marker so we can create our own labels. (Note the “Everything Bagel” and “White Pepper” spice jars.). It will be so great to be able to see what spice is what by looking at the lid.

I love this so much, I’ve already ordered another set of jars so all our spices will match (can you say anal retentive?) and we’ll have extras for when we inevitably buy different spices.

Now, if only I could learn to cook.

13 thoughts on “Spice Grrrl

  1. LOL!! Your spice jars look quite efficient. I bet it smelled good in there with all those different spice jars open, essence of spice wafting in the air as you transferred them to the new jars.

    I actually stayed up watching the joint session confirm the electoral votes. I couldn’t stop. At 3:45 this morning it was FINALLY a done deal. Didn’t turn on the videos until about when they’d cleared the chambers and the legislators were returning to chambers. Today, though, I watched footage of the insurrection. OMG, what a mess.


  2. If you were truly anal retentive, all of those lids would be turned to face the same way so you wouldn’t have to read them upside down. Oh, wait, you probably did that after you saw the photo… LOL!


    • I KNEW someone would call me on that. The bottles are square so I can’t turn them to make the caps match. And I can’t commit to always taking the time to adjusting caps to be on just right every time I use the spices, since we use them every day. Sigh.


  3. I stayed up well beyond what I should. It was almost 4 am. I like your jar lids. I hate hate hate picking up all the jars to find the right spice. And, I don’t have that many.


  4. Being a Spice Girl is amazing. That’s how I make awesome carne asada. Garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, ground cumin, oregano leaves, and of course salt and pepper.


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