Monday Mundanity

First day back to work was shockingly low key, which I’m very grateful for. It allowed me to ease back into it, which helped keep my work-induced anxiety at a very low level.

After work, I continued the effort to put the house back together and finished reorganizing the kitchen spice cabinet, canned goods, oils and vinegars, and the flour cabinet. (Yup…we have a flour cabinet – Cooking decent gluten free food often requires a mix of various flours such as Almond, Coconut, Tapioca, or Brown Rice flours.)

Then we had to jump my car battery with Jeffrey’s. This cold is really wreaking havoc on my car. If I don’t start and run it for a few minutes every other day or so, I risk it dying on me. It’s happened three times since December 1st. (But we had AAA come and they tested it and assured us my battery is fine – it’s just the cold.). Once we got it started, we needed to run it a bit, so we drove to Mom’s to drop off the four bins of Xmas items, then picked up some lottery tickets at the local corner store on the way home. (Hey, all you need is a dollar and a dream, right?)

Once home, it was dinner time. We are back to our very low carb/Keto eating which we’ve done fairly consistently for the better part of two years but seriously recommitted to September of last year (with a slight … detour… for the holidays, but not as far off the path as I worried we would go.). I’m down 27 lbs and would like to get that much again off before I’m satisfied. Fortunately, much of the low carb/keto food and recipes are also gluten free, so it’s an easy eating plan for me/us. Jeffrey gifted me a gluten free keto cookbook for Christmas (which I asked for) and I’m excited to add some new meals into the rotation of my “staple” meals to add a little more variety. The main basis of most of our meals is chicken, fish, and vegetable. I’m no chef, so I’m sure there’s got to be more ways to prepare them than what I’ve thought of on my own.

As stated above, it’s bitter cold here, so we’re snuggled with the dogs under blankets on the sofa. No fire tonight, sadly. Due to errands, we got a late start on dinner and didn’t want to get one going so close to bed time. Back to work means no more late nights for us for the duration.

And that’s day four of 2021, folks. Stay safe!

7 thoughts on “Monday Mundanity

  1. My first day back teaching remotely was also pretty low-key, thank goodness. It helped me to ease back into it. Today wasn’t so bad either. I sure do remember those cold NY winters. In college I had a dead battery many times. I can remember 40 below zero. I don’t know how I survived!


  2. Early in the pandemic I learned about battery maintainers. Now I keep my vehicles plugged in all the time. They’ve added next to zero to my electric bill, and it’s quite comforting to know I always have a way to leave the farm if need be. They come in a range of prices, I bought mid range and have no complaints. Thought it might be worth mentioning.


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