The dirty deed is done. Every ounce of holiday decor inside and out is down, packed, labeled and stacked in the basement.

So much more organized!

Final tally: 5 bins of purged decorations to go to a good (other) home or three! Woohoo!

The 5th bin is upstairs…the BF, Jim, claimed dibs on a few items.

After finishing that task, because we’re gluttons for punishment, we reorganized all the kitchen cabinets and cupboards and purged another bin of excess dishes which will also go to a good (other) home.


Finally, we reorganized the liquor cabinet and disposed of dusty, half empty bottles sitting untouched in the back of the cabinet, allowing us to condense the booze to one buffet, making room for Christmas dishes in the other so we don’t have to pack them all away downstairs!

It was a mighty productive day, indeed. I still have cleaning and redecorating to do but that can be done over the course of the next week or two.

This was all a great distraction from my impending return to work tomorrow, which I am dreading.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

7 thoughts on “Holiday(less)-lujah!

  1. DAMN! compared to youse guys, I sat on my fat ass all weekend.

    I am in need of a treetop bauble; my light-up star died this year. if you have one in your purge bins, may I take it off your hands? e-mail me details please.


  2. Ah, excellent! Feels good to clear stuff out, doesn’t it?
    Next time the daughter comes down from PA I’m going to send most of my Christmas stuff back with her. Or perhaps I’ll deliver it myself. Been too long since I’ve traveled afar, and it will be a while yet before I do. Like, after I’ve had my Covid-19 vaccinations.
    Are you still working from home? I mean, at least you’ll be at home instead of in the office, if so. Small consolation, but still…


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