A Whimpering End

Alas, it hasn’t been the best week here, health wise. I started having gut issues Christmas Eve and my entire staycation has been a rollercoaster of digestive issues. I’ve done my best to power through and try to enjoy my week away from hell (aka work) but chronic illness cares little for timing or convenience. I have finally given in and have retired to bed for the duration, fire at my feet, puppy at my side, TV aglow.

While we’ve never been big celebrants of New Year’s Eve, it would have been nice to enjoy the evening with a moment of health, nice dinner, and a bit of Champaign.

Best laid plans and all that.

17 thoughts on “A Whimpering End

  1. There could have been so many better starts for you to a New Year, so let’s hope that this was only the old one having one last dig. May 2021 be much more comforting and easy on you..


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