Christmas Kick-Off

The snow was a great way to kick off Christmas week. Now that it’s shoveled and snow-blown, we can just enjoy the winter wonderland view out our window. (If only our yard decorations weren’t still buried.)

We headed to CT this weekend for a pre-Christmas celebration with the BF Jim and his hubby, Ken. We surprised Ken with a giant standee of the Grinch (his favorite holiday character.)

You’re a big one, Mr. Grinch.
Ken, Jeffrey, and me with our new friend.

Ken made delicious appetizers and meals all weekend, Jim and I made cocktails, and we all just enjoyed being able to spend time together. Ken had never seen the final two Avengers movies, so we watched one Friday night and one Saturday morning.

Jim didn’t make it through movie night Friday night.

Saturday night, we watched a filmed local holiday-themed production, “Christmas On The Rocks” which we’ve all seen live, together, twice.

Jeffrey snuck back out for one more pic with the Grinch.

This morning, we headed home. I started having gut issues in the car on the way home (too much food, no doubt) so as soon as we got home, I headed to bed to rest while Jeffrey headed out to grab the dogs from the Kennel.

As soon as Harvey got home, he found me in the bedroom, and snuggled in next to me to keep me company and protect me while I’m not feeling well, like he always does.

Best comfort animal ever.

I was feeling a little better tonight, so was able to sit up in the living room with Jeffrey and the dogs in front of a fire and watch a gay themed holiday movie on Lifetime – “Dashing in December.” (We’ve finally made it…we – meaning gay folk – get cheesy, formulaic holiday specials like everyone else now.)

We’re ending the night with a live stream “piano bar” performance by one of our Ptown favorites, Gerald Goode.

A great entertainer (and cute, to boot.)

A nice end to the weekend (painful cramping aside.) Hoping my guts recover overnight, with a break from food, booze, and activity today, because we have a busy week ahead – groceries, gluten free bakery pick-up, zoom meet-ups, gift drop-offs, dinners, and a few more movies.

Hope everyone is staying safe and ready for the holidays ahead (if you are celebrating, that is.)

31 Days until Inauguration…can’t wait!

Be well.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Kick-Off

  1. Hope you feel all better now.
    I’m amused by the cheesy cliché holiday love story, gay version. It looks like some of the mediocre gay romance fiction I read sometimes.
    Happy Yule to you and yours!


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