Another Month Gone

Yet another month has flown by and we find ourselves firmly entrenched in December. We are decorated, presents are purchased and wrapped and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we know how the rest of our year will play out: weekdays working, nights by the fire (when cold enough to warrant) with dogs on our laps, watching TV or holiday movies (occasionally with a glass of wine or cocktail – but not always,) and weekends meandering about the house, cleaning and doing laundry or various little projects as the mood hits. I am working on a crochet project, which I will share after Christmas, since it’s a gift and you never know who may stop by here to peruse my ramblings.

There are a couple visits with the BFFs from Connecticut planned (always portal to portal,) to help the holiday seem a bit more festive, unless either state rescinds the approval to travel between contiguous states. We prize health and safety for ourselves and our friends and family above all else, so we will always comply with the recommendations. Besides, there’s always video chat to keep us connected. Both Xmas and New Year’s will be spent at home, just us.

Yesterday marked 23 years from the day Jeffrey and I went on our first date. (Yes, I know, December 7th, “a day that shall live in infamy.” ) We always like to do something special on the Anniversaries of both our first date and our wedding, to mark them as special – nothing crazy, just a nod to the relationship, home, and life we’ve built together. We would normally dress a bit and go out to dinner but, well, you know…and we’re far enough away from any places that offer both GF options and delivery that, by the time the food gets here, it’s cold and bland. So, we made a modified plan: we placed an order for pick up from a favorite restaurant, picked up the dinners, parked in a remote part of the parking lot, and enjoyed dinner “out” in the car, listening to a playlist of songs I have collected over the years that have special meaning to us and our journey together. Then we went for a drive to view some Christmas light displays at local businesses and in our neighborhood, ending the night with a glass of wine at home. Not too bad a night at all.

Today, the temps dropped and it snowed a little. When it gets like this, all I want to do is crawl under blankets in front of the fire.

Also…work sucks.

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