A pleasant puppy surprise

While I was toiling my way through yet another miserable day at the salt mines, I received the most awesome surprise.

Just before clocking off for the day, I heard a little “thump-a-thump-a-thump-a-thump” on the stairs, accompanied by a jingle-jangle of collar tags. And who came plopping around the corner to see me? Why, none other than my dear Miss Rita Mae.

Puppy Posing!

What an awesome treat. This is the first time either dog has come downstairs to see me in my basement office.

It felt like Christmas came early! I hope I get more voluntary visits.

9 thoughts on “A pleasant puppy surprise

  1. Oh, I’m pretty sure this has happened again since you posted this. I always look forward to Terri and Torrie visiting me during the work day.


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