Dogless and Down

For the first time in 9 months, I am without my dogs for an extended period of time – 3 days. We dropped them off at the Kennel this morning, and will pick them up Friday on our way home. My Mom is no longer mobile enough to care for the dogs in our absence, so its the Kennel or nothing.

We love the Kennel they go to. The owners and staff are warm and friendly, incredibly accommodating, and totally non-judgmental about weepy-eyed, over-doting dog dads. So I feel they are in good hands.

But, I miss them already.

Here’s the thing: I love my dogs. They are my kids, my family, my endless source of unconditional affection. They have been part of my daily life for the better part of 8 years, and have been my constant companion through some of my darkest moments and health struggles, protecting and comforting me and always making me feel loved and needed. I hate being away from them. I hate removing them from their home. And I hate that I can’t reassure them this is only temporary and we’ll back soon.

I am not apologetic about my attachment to, nor my affection for, these incredible animals. I doubt I will ever give back to them half of what they give to me. So, I’m sad that I am home and they are not. I’m sad I will not see them again until Friday. And I’m sad that they are in a strange place and separated from their pack.

I just don’t like being separated from them, and I can’t wait to bring them home again.

4 thoughts on “Dogless and Down

  1. And they are such precious pups, too. I get it. It’s hard to leave your furry loved ones even for a day or three.
    Hope you and Jeffrey have a good Thanksgiving in CT, even without the pups.


  2. I feel the same way about Terri and Torrie. That’s why I don’t do anything other than day trips. I hate the idea of someone else taking care of my fur babies.


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