Time after Time

It seems tiresome to say this, yet again, but it is shocking that we are at the end of November and Thanksgiving is less than a week away. The months continue to fly by. It also sped things up that I was so focused on decorating for the holidays for the last 2 weeks, I hardly noticed the day or time. I feel like I have just come up for air after a deep dive into basements, bins and baubles. It actually feels really good having this all done. Last night, we sat in the living room and enjoyed quiet holiday tunes while sipping favorite cocktails by the fire with the pups. We almost forgot we’re in the middle of a raging pandemic while a tyrant is trying to shatter democracy by stealing the election…almost.

We have revised our plans for the holidays. We are going to CT for Thanksgiving to have dinner with the BF and his hubby. They have been the only two folks in our bubble since March, and our homes have remained “safe zones” for the 4 of us, as we all remain as isolated as possible. NY and CT continue to allow travel between them, since they are contiguous states that have large interstate travel for businesses and families. It will be just the four of us, and will be portal to portal – with no stops in between on the 2 hour drive.

The remainder of the holidays (Xmas and New Years) will be just the 4 of us at home – Me, Jeffrey, Harvey, and Rita Mae – and we are good with that.

I know this is going to be a hard time for many people (even more so than usual.) I hope we can all find ways to connect with our loved ones safely.

7 thoughts on “Time after Time

  1. Yes indeed the legal side of this whole thing is amusing to say the least with the President losing at every turn. It’s like he’s got the most ill prepared legal team on the planet. I guess it’s kind of hard to prove fraud without evidence. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving and holidays to you also.


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