Decoration Completion

As of 11:55am this morning, we are completely decorated for the holidays, inside and out.

I’ll try to get some good pics with my phone. Here’s a pano I took a few minutes ago of the living room:

Amazing what a string of lights and a few baubles can do, eh?

No apologies for being decorated before Thanksgiving. This year has kicked all our asses and the “rules” are out the window. We needed a little Christmas, so we brought it.

Tonight, we will light a fire, pour a cocktail, sit back, relax with the pups, and enjoy some holiday toons while we admire our handiwork.

There may not be gatherings.

There may not be shopping.

But, by gum, there WILL be pretty lights!

18 thoughts on “Decoration Completion

  1. Goodness me and a WOW! Those really are decorations and a half! Amazing! A living Xmas card picture, no less – and in cinemascope too! If only the public could pay to have a look-see [from behind a wall of glass, of course] you’d be making a mint. Your place is going to look ever so empty after you have to take them down – but until then let’s keep it positive, ENJOY!


  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your holiday splendor and for cheering all of us up! I love to see your decorations and I think of how wonderful it would
    be to just sit and sip cocktails. ENJOY. Travel safe this Thanksgiving. Hugs and kisses from Wisconsin


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