The decorating continues…

The giraffe tree, which used to be set up on a buffet in the dining room downstairs, made its way upstairs to be properly placed in the giraffe themed guest room (aka Giraffe Towers.)


The Superhero tree is now a permanent fixture in the comic den in the basement…

The Bear Tree in the dining room isn’t usually decorated , but I made it the “Peanuts” tree this year

There are two more trees…another one in the opposite corner of dining room with general personal ornaments, and the main tree in the living room. They will get finished this weekend.

This is the bar area, with a reindeer theme (obviously.) We used to have the buffets filled with reindeer, dubbed “Reindeer Way,” but decided to disperse them around the house and do a scaled down version for the bar this year. And I absolutely love our reindeer cocktail set.

This weekend, we finish the trees and get the outside deco up. Oh, and I’d be remiss not to give a shout out and big thank you to (former? sporadic? soon to return?) blogger Java over at my life, or something like it , who sent us these fabulous homemade masks.

Thanks a bunch, Java! We love them!

13 thoughts on “Pagen-tree

  1. I love how these trees have a theme! I know when I finally get one I’m certain to have comics or manga decorations on it.


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