Premature ornamentation

For the first time in my life, I’ve started decorating prior to the weekend before Thanksgiving. For the first 43 or so years of my life, I wouldn’t even acknowledge Xmas before the day after Thanksgiving. Then, a few years ago, we started heading to CT every year for Thanksgiving with the BF and his hubby, so we started decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving. (To have it done for when we got home.)

But, we’ve been in the house for 8 months straight, so we figured we might as well get a jumpstart. Especially because we’re older and we have a bajillion bins to hoist upstairs so it takes longer; and, there’s no real reason to wait this year.

So, we’ve begun the process, albeit very slowly. Clearing out all the year round bric-a-brac to make room for the decorations. Replacing our pillows and curtains with the white replacements for the holiday. And bringing up some of the bigger holiday items. (Have you seen our awesome Santa bear on a tree?!?!?)

It all feels so…bland. The early start, unseasonably warm weather, and current “atmosphere” of the country makes for a dismal hall decking, for sure.

Still, it’s something to do, and maybe once we’re all done, it’ll bring some much needed cheer.

Here’s hoping.

P.S. Little blogging tip: Do NOT take pictures of your bathroom rainbow tree in front of the mirror when you’re sky clad…well, a few of you can, if you’d be so kind to forward the pics 🙂

12 thoughts on “Premature ornamentation

  1. I still have nightmares from that guy that sold that stainless steel kettle on eBay many years ago. Do y’all remember that?

    With everything going on, I think it’s the perfect time to start decorating. I just copied a handful of Trans-Siberia Orchestra songs onto a USB drive and I was playing those during my errand at the market this morning.

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  2. LOL!!
    That is a very gay Christmas tree.
    I suspect (I hope) that when you get the house decorated to the level you consider finished, it will look and feel more festive. Play appropriate music, perhaps burn some holiday scented candles. For that matter, crank the air conditioner down too cold! (That might be taking it a bit too far.)


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