12 thoughts on “Its a Brand New Day

  1. I feel like finally the world will be better, not a reflection of a vile being. And, I have slept well all but one night since the election.


  2. There are a few reminders where nothing has changed, but I feel empowered to do something about them. Yes, it’s a brand new and great day!


    • Please know I’m not naive or ignorant enough to belief America is great again because of one election. As o said on Facebook, the boat may still have a hole and be in desperate need of repair. We just traded in our pickaxe for a bucket.


      • Yes, it does. I’m worried some of those Trumpers that live nearby are going to lose it. We already have one idiot in the next city over that had their FB site closed because they threatened violence. I have actually encountered that guy now that I saw a picture of him.


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