Well Hung

Today was a free day for me…no work, no chores, just a “do what I want” kind of day. The only thing I did even remotely related to productivity was frame and hang the puzzle.

Yup, 4th post in a row talking about this damn puzzle!

After that, I grabbed my pile of recently acquired comic books (thanks eBay) laid my head upon that there Green Lantern pillow you see in the above pic, and spent the rest of the day reading comics.

After Jeffrey got home from work (i.e. came down stairs at 4:00pm) we loaded a cabinet we no longer needed into Hedwig (my trusty Subaru Forester) and headed to my mother’s for a drop and dash. (Mom is the queen of “if you don’t want it, I’ll take it” re-homed household items.)

We headed home with a pile of old photographs my cousin recently scanned and gifted to us.

It was a hoot looking through the photos with Jeffery. This is one of my favorite – me and my 4 siblings, posing in a playground near my grandmother’s tenement during a visit to upstate New York, where I now live (not the tenement, upstate New York. We were living in Phoenix AZ at the time.)

You’ll never guess which one is me!

And that, my friends, is another exciting day in the age of Covid!

Here’s hoping we’ll all have something to celebrate real soon!

11 thoughts on “Well Hung

  1. That pose at that age, was anyone truly surprised a decade later? I love old family photos, I have 400 or 500 scans from my parents home. Often feeding my Wednesday posts.


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