All Hallow’s Evening

Happy Halloween!

While, usually at this time of year, we’re dumping candy into a bowl, putting out green front porch lightbulbs, putting the dogs in their superhero costumes, and hosting my Mom (who hands out candy to kids) while we watch a favorite Halloween movie and enjoy a cocktail or two, things are quite different this year.

Like any logical, sane, civilized, thinking person, we eschewed handing out candy, to avoid exposing ourselves to dozens of children and families because there is a worldwide pandemic that is currently raging out of control in our country. (Better we miss out on one Halloween than the rest of our lives, am I right?)

Instead, we started the morning with breakfast while watching our favorite Samhain Special.

Then, I did a little housecleaning while Jeffrey went grocery shopping.

I finished before he got home so, while I was waiting for hubby to return with the rations, I put together four mini-puzzles I had been gifted over the years.

I started with this 24 piece giraffe puzzle
Then I assembled this cool shaped 48 piece Avengers puzzle
Then this 100 piece glow in the dark Batman and Robin puzzle
And, finally, this awesome 100 piece Justice League of America puzzle.

Now that I’ve done these, I’ll gift them to my brother’s kids.

Lest I be accused of having no Spooky Spirit whatsoever, we did put out our Halloween decorations:

I also put on a Halloween Party playlist from Apple Music Radio, lit 2 Lavender scented Yankee Candles, and baked up a special holiday treat using a recipe I’d never tried before: Low carb, Gluten Free Coconut Blondies.

Hubby returned home at last, with a special surprise piece of mail – my Power Records Amazing Spider-Man Book and Record set I won on eBay last week.

I had this when I was a kid, and loved it, so I’m excited to have it again. Very apropos to get this today, given the day, don’t you think?

Around 4:30pm, while enjoying a lazy afternoon with the hubby and the dogs, watching TV, we were startled to hear a gaggle of kids run up on our porch, bang on our door, and ring our doorbell twice. Families were actually bringing their kids around the neighborhood to multiple strangers houses for candy.

While I felt a pang of guilt that I had not bought any emergency candy in case someone actually showed up, I’m relieved we had none, because I’d probably have given it out, out of guilt, and I really didn’t want to be exposing ourselves like that, unnecessarily. So we waited for the kids to leave, then I placed a sign on our door saying “Sorry, No Candy This Year” just in case any one else visited, and proceeded to make dinner.

Tonight, we’re watching “Fright Night” (the highest level of “scary” movie this timid heart can handle – horror movies are just not my thing) while enjoying a dinner of Tuna steak and mashed cauliflower, a couple Coconut Blondies for dessert, and nightcaps: Raspberry Vodka Martini for myself, Gin Martini for the better half.

Thankfully, there have been no further knockings at our door, so no further pangs of guilt for me.

And, I don’t think the dogs missed wearing their costumes one bit this year.

Stay safe, y’all.

Oh, and BOO!

9 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Evening

  1. I always avoided kids by turning off the outdoor lights and any that could be seen inside. But, if they come at 4:30, there is no signal for them. I want to see many more Halloweens, so no kids coming is good.


    • That was the catch. No way to signal afternooners we weren’t handing out. (And I honestly did not expect anyone.)

      We don’t mind handing out candy non-pandemic years…but then, my Mom comes and does it for us…we just provide dinner, drinks, and the candy 🙂


  2. Sounds like a lovely day, overall. We were going to watch a movie last evening, but I ran out of steam and went to bed early. We also didn’t hand out candy, though it is one of the traditional Halloween activities I enjoy. Your dinner sounds delish.


    • Me too. I’ve always ban a fan of Peanuts, and it is tradition to watch their holiday specials on the day of. I started collecting the Jim Shore peanuts pieces a few years ago, picking up scenes like this from my favorite moments of the various specials. While I do not go all out for Halloween like some people (ahem) I do love the Great Pumpkin (and always have.)


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