Fall Guy

For those who don’t experience a proper Fall (Autumn) here’s what it looks like in the Northeast:

Back Yard to the left of me
Back Yard to the right of me
View from the front Porch

The colors are beautiful this time of year, as is most of the weather. Summer rain is great, but Fall rain is so much colder and less lovely, and you can almost feel the darkness creeping in and eating what’s left of our day time. Soon, we will be contending with snow and ice, though, so I’ll take this a little longer, thank you very much.

It is another long work week full of stress and suffering…and it’s only Tuesday.

We would normally be stocking up on candies this week for the annual grab and go rugrat race (aka Trick or Treaters) and picking out something relatively festive to wear, but we are not handing out any sugar bombs this year, due to living in the United States of COVID, so we’ll just have to settle for a night of peace and quiet, sipping cocktails and watching The Great Pumpkin and Nightmare Before Christmas, or some such.

(I can hear Spo rolling over in his coffin as I write this.)

7 thoughts on “Fall Guy

  1. todd bought some mini chocolates just for us (no rugrats in our hood). your upcoming saturday evening sounds lovely; wish we could join you and jeffrey and the puppies in person for a good time. and those pretty red leaves cover up the bare spots in the grass, but they also show off the new fence nicely.


  2. That looks lovely. My complex has palm trees so sadly I don’t get to enjoy Fall or Winter here. I have a small bag of candy corn that I intend on devouring this weekend. Not all at once, but I’m certain if I open it on Saturday afternoon it’s gone before I go to bed Sunday night.


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