Free to be you and me!

Because we fly our pride flag three seasons of the year, it takes quite a beating and fades from exposure to the sun and elements. So we have gotten use to replacing it on an annual basis since moving in 7.5 years ago.

My dear husband had the wherewithal to up our game and order the recently upgraded, more inclusive pride flag.

We are proud of our life, marriage, and home together, and we are proud to show our support for our extended Community, Allies, Family and Friends.

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10 Responses to Free to be you and me!

  1. glen says:

    Beautiful!! Thanks for flying this for all to see.


  2. David Godfrey says:

    A year that has tested our strength, deserves a great banner to fly.


  3. Urspo says:

    I have never seen this flag before.
    I hope it covers everybody
    It looks like fabric for a Sposhirt.


  4. Linda Practical Parsimony says:

    I have never heard of seen that flag and have no idea what it means. But, I like it.


  5. I’ve never seen that flag before, but I love it!


  6. javabear says:

    That’s a very inclusive flag. I like it!


  7. That’s a beautiful flag. I had to look up the colors as I haven’t seen one like that. Kudos to you and your husband for flying it proudly.


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