Puppy Prison

While I worked from home today, in the basement, Jeffrey was out mowing the lawn (he’s on staycation this week.)

Rita tends to get a bit barky when both of us are out of the room, so she started a barking tirade. To quiet her down, I brought her downstairs to hang in the office with me while I worked.

She was not having any of it, so she stood at the gate barrier the whole time, waiting for me to release her from the K-9 Klink.

I couldn’t decide what to feel: jovial that she looked like a tiny prisoner, or hurt that being stuck downstairs with me was so awful.

7 thoughts on “Puppy Prison

  1. I suppose I’m lucky I don’t have to do any of this. My cats generally leave me alone, but it’s funny how whenever I’m on an online meeting they come to me and meow for me to pet them. I’m assuming they know I’m not busy when my hands are not on the keyboard.


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