21 hoping for 22

Today, Jeffrey and I celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary – a marriage that has only been legally recognized since 2011 – just 9 years, out of 21.

As have so many others, we struggled and fought our whole adult lives for this status and take it very seriously. It is precious and powerful in a way that is hard to explain to those who have never had to wait for their government to decide to grant them such a privilege, or had the validity of their relationship questioned by an entire society.

While we normally focus on the love and life we have shared, and not the struggle to get here, we see our marriage status threatened once again by people, policies, and politics being put into play. While no one can take away the truth of our marriage, they can take away the protections that only come if it remains legally recognized.

Ours is just one of many stories of people and communities that can and will be harmed if we don’t change the direction this country is going in when we’re given the chance next month.

If you truly believe America is it’s people, not it’s politicians, then stop treating your vote like you’re supporting one person or another. Your voting for the ideals and beliefs of opportunity, fairness, compassion, equality, for yourself and your friends, family, and community.

So, if you really believe:

Black lives matter; Veterans deserve respect, gratitude, and care; Women’s bodies are their own to manage and should earn equal pay and opportunity; Children don’t belong in cages; All employees deserve a living wage; Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege; The environment needs our help; Immigrants are not evil; People should be free to love who they choose; no one should be dismissed or disregarded because of their age, skin pigment, ethnicity, faith, education, sexual orientation, gender identity, income, or disability; diversity is beautiful; wearing a mask is less awful then inadvertently killing someone; and – yeah – Natzis are bad…

Then please cast your vote to remove the person who has spent four years proving he doesn’t and, among the million other reasons to do so, help ensure Jeffrey and I can spend the rest of our short lives on this planet as a legally married couple in a country we can stop being ashamed and afraid of.

If you do, we’ll owe you one.

Thanks a bunch.

16 thoughts on “21 hoping for 22

  1. Well said, my friend. I need to read this to my 29 year old son who doesn’t much care about politics and isn’t too interested in voting. OMG. We had a discussion the other day. He needs to hear this, particularly the bit about it not being the Person, but the Ideals and Beliefs we’re voting for. I think that will resonate with him.

    Happy Anniversary. I’m thrilled that you and Jeffrey get to spend your lives together.


  2. I hope the special day was a great one. I can’t wait to get my ballot in the mail this next week. Like the NRA and their bullets, I can’t wait to plant my “freedom seed” at the San Diego Registrar of Voters office and watch it turn into a Trump/GOP defeat on November 3rd.


  3. Happy Anniversary!! You both are the BEST example of a loving couple. I have voted and support your words. I am sorry that it has come to this and we have to live in such troubled times. Here’s hoping that your words resonate with all those who don’t understand the importance of this election.
    Hugs to you both


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