Blade Runner

I have been shaving my head on a regular basis for the last umpteen years using a straight razor, so I decided to finally crawl into the modern age and try a razor specifically made for head shaving. After a lot of research a.k.a. watching multiple videos of sexy, bald, sometimes shirtless men shave their head while saying how good it feels….

(pause for silent innuendo)

…I decided to go with this little baby:

The HeadBlade ATX

It’s a neat little razor that fits around your middle finger. It has 2 front wheels that glide along the surface of your head, and allows you to use your whole hand as a guide to shave while simultaneously feeling for missed patches of growth.

It’s like shaving your head with a hot wheels!

I’m on day two and I have to say, I like it muchly. It’s a bit faster, and gives a smoother shave with fewer repeat pass-overs on the ol’ naked noggin. I was a bit timid the first day (it’s good to never completely lose the fear of cutting your head while shaving…it hurts like a mother!) but I had a lot more confidence with it on my second go round.

And what a sweet, smooth shave!

Daddy like!

9 thoughts on “Blade Runner

  1. That is both fascinating and hilarious! I wish they made those when I bought a Wahl hair trimmer a decade ago. Back when money was really tight I had to give myself haircuts until I got promoted and a raise to go with it.

    I think I might want one of those.


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