While our dilapidated fence remains partially down and wide open to the road behind our house…

…we’ve had to harness and leash the dogs whenever they want/need to go out, something none of us enjoy. We’re getting quotes on new fences, but everyone’s busy so it looks like, best case scenario, we’ll be waiting 6-8 weeks for a new fence.

We decided that was too long for us all to endure the leash life, so we took matters into our own hands and decided to erect a temporary dog fence. After a run to Homo Depot to get some rolled wire fencing and metal posts, we headed out into the hot sun (87 degrees) to pound post and unroll wire.

45 minutes later, the dogs were out exploring their reduced yard space and new barrier.

We’re not going to win any awards for our wire weaving, but it got the job done. And the dogs are much happier they are free to enjoy the yard, leashless and harnessless, again…as are we.

6 thoughts on “Fencing

  1. You did a great job with the temporary fencing. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for the permanent one to be installed.


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