I received a new record in the email that I bought this past weekend on eBay. It’s an album from my childhood with non-traditional songs about Oz…

I set up a new record playing station in our living room so I can enjoy my LPs and 45s while our basement is being refinished…

I bought and received a new MacBook laptop case (because me previous one cracked and fell off)…

I also bought and received two new earbud case covers so I can tell the damn things apart when I’m syncing with my iPhone…

Not technically new, but Rita Mae appears to be feeling like a new dog this afternoon after a night of a restlessness, tummy troubles, and puppy puking that kept all of us up last night….(she went from moping on the couch all day to resuming her perch as the neighborhood watch dog)

And, finally, a new round of cocktails (Ruby Red Cosmos) to make me feel like a new man….

Today definitely felt like more of a “New”sday than a Tuesday.

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