A walk down (technology) memory lane.

The smothering heat and humidity continue so, after a quick jaunt to get some fresh swordfish steaks and scallops at a local fish market this morning, in what I’ll laughingly call cooler temps, we returned to the homestead to hide out in the central air and drawn curtains.

Eager to continue my organizing streak, I gathered up all my technology and accompanying cords, old and new, and spent the day in the much cooler basement listening to a new podcast recommended by Spo (the dear) and recharging all my devices and discerning what was where. I charged up my old (read 1st generation) iPod, uploaded with all my original music files and play lists, which I’m quite excited about. I cannot save actual music files to my iphone, so if I’m traveling and I lose WiFi and cellular service, my music cuts out. NEVER AGAIN! Sometimes, the original version IS better.

I also charge up my old iPad, which is too slow to be super useful (besides I have a new, more current model) but I plan to use it as my “electronic cookbook” in the kitchen for all the gluten free low carb recipes I have saved in my notes app.

I also have an iPod shuffle (4th generation 2GB) that I used at the gym and on walks (loved it for the tiny size and easy portability) but I have no use for it now (Anyone want it? Comes with corded headphones and the USB Cord to upload music from your computer.)

I also sorted all my other power cords, and attached the various USB power cords and earphones to their corresponding devices, including our 3 Jpulse speakers (replaced by the Apple Homepods.) We have one of the first generation, and two of the second generation that were supposed to sync up. The JPulse2s never smoothly synced as promised, but one works great as a speaker for my phonograph.

After a walk through my techno-past, it was time for dinner. I sautéed the Scallops in garlic and butter, and whipped up a lemon butter sauce to go with, accompanied by a simple summer salad of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and sugar free strawberry vinaigrette. Mmmmm.

Tonight, we are enjoying cocktails (Hubby’s Tanqueray gin martinis and my Grapefruit vodka martinis) while watching a favorite feel good flick: Connie and Carla.

All in all, not too bad a day.

7 thoughts on “A walk down (technology) memory lane.

  1. we did house chores, took afternoon naps. todd made some homemade chili. we had a chicken parm stromboli delivered from our local pizza joint for dinner. would you like some free organic cukes from todd’s garden?


  2. I am a master napper. It’s one of my sterling abilities. I am sorry for those who cannot enjoy the peace and repose of a good nap.

    Dinner looks delicious. I didn’t realize you couldn’t digest beans. That, to me, is sad. I’m quite fond of the little buggars.

    I officially “like” this post.


    • I wish I could nap. I want to. Especially since I do not sleep enough at night.

      I looked into the “like” issue. My blog is set to have a like button. Not sure what that’s about 😦


    • Yeah….beans have put me in the hospital. I just can’t break them down. (Although I love them and miss them.) I also have to avoid ground beef (also put me in the hospital) and most meat is risky to some extent so I stick to fish and well cooked chicken as much as possible.


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