It’s been stifling hot here…uppers 80s – 90s (F) with a repugnant humidity that makes going outside uncomfortable to unbearable at times. While we enjoy the luxury of central air, we can still feel the heat pressing in and we’ve felt even more trapped inside than the “normal” pandemic stay-put practice makes us feel.

But this morning, we got a small but welcome break: it’s raining.

While still very warm, it’s less so, and the faintest touch of an occasional breeze can be felt wafting through our screened in back porch. I took the opportunity to enjoy my morning coffee on the porch, taking a break from the pain of the morning news to enjoy the smell and feel of nature’s shower.

Not the worst way to start a day, my friends.

7 thoughts on “Interluge

  1. What you’re experiencing is our typical summer day, spanning from sometime in May until early October, if we’re lucky. Sometimes the earlier/later days are less humid. Today is almost pleasant. The sun in intense, but ambient temperature is only a little bit too warm.
    I love sitting on a porch watching the rain. You look lovely, dahhhling.


  2. The weather’s been brutal at times here, too. If it’s hot, it’s nearly 100 degrees. If it’s cooler, we get humidity that’s pretty bad as the day progresses.

    BTW I LOVE that mug!


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