And now, a word from my better half…

We just finished watching a new episode of Spiegletown Wild Kingdom. The Dogwood, the Azeleas, and the Lilacs are in full-bloom. And a couple of long lasting flowers are still hanging on the apple trees. (The Magnolia bushes, the Japanese Maple trees, and the Forsythia have already lost their blooms.)

The birds were eyeing us wearily – tempting the dogs, and politely letting us know that we could go back inside at any time. We could see six bird nests from the pavilion. Our flying neighbors always seem more at ease once we’ve returned to the screen porch or gone inside.

Two carpenter bees appeared to be getting ready for a housewarming, while two others struggled to escape the carpenter bee trap. Oh, the circle of life.

Speaking of which, no birds were harmed during tonight’s episode. However, Harvey and Rita Mae made multiple attempts to capture them. We’re pretty sure Rita Mae never actually saw the birds, and just ran because Harvey was running after them. However, she’s gotten a couple already this year, so birdie beware.

We’re enjoying every minute of it, but mornings of late involve so many bird symphonies and sightings that one wonders if we are on the edge of a bird-pocolypse. (Tippy Hedren, where are you?)

Perhaps most interesting was the wonderful music playing, and the wonderful time Sean and I had enjoying it all. (Him: Perfect Gimlets, Me: Gibson Martinis. And the sad emptying of another bottle of Tangueray.)

Jeffrey (aka Mrs. Sassybear)

6 thoughts on “And now, a word from my better half…

  1. I have just never heard of dogs catching birds! But, if you say it is so, I believe you. I like your patio.


    • I want to believe Rita found a dead bird, because I find it hard to believe she could catch one. But when I googled it, apparently it is not uncommon for dogs to catch and kill birds, so now I’ll never know for sure.


  2. Good to hear from you, Jeffrey!
    One of my small joys these days is listening to birdsong. I envy your pavilion. We have no covered area outside, and I must stay out of the sun.


  3. Hi Jeffrey! *waves*

    I too love hearing the birds outside my bedroom window. Torrie, one of my kitties, also loves chirping at them from the window sill.


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