Hello, 49!

I thought it was going to be a low-key birthday weekend of quiet, rest, and solitude with me, Jeffrey and the dogs.


Much to my pleasant surprise, this guy came to celebrate my birthday with us:

I haven’t seen him since early March and have missed him horribly. These guys (along with many others) have made my birthday incredible, even in isolation:

I love these guys with all my heart, and they gave me a birthday to remember!

We did puzzles:

We did Mad Libs:

We ate (Gluten Free) donuts:

We played Skip-Bo:

I got balloons delivered by my Mom and Sister and a “Happy Birthday” serenade from the car:

I got cards from fabulous friends (thanks AM and Java!)

There were gifts and decorations:

We watched Gerald perform:

We had cocktails:

My dogs were an essential part of the weekend as well (of course):

Texts, emails, phone calls, and FaceTimes from so many people made my heart swell. If I didn’t know better, I’d thing I was dying.

Such an incredible weekend. And that it was all a total surprise made it 300% better.

Just goes to show that the right people can make even a lockdown birthday feel like a fabulous celebration – never underestimate the people you love (and who love you back!)

I’m feeling the love, folks.

Happy Birthday to me.

15 thoughts on “Hello, 49!

  1. Belated but ever-so-sincere best wishes for your big day, S/b. [I’ve been terribly remiss on b’day greetings this year, having inadvertently buried my list of important dates, so you’re by no means alone]. Good to see that you weren’t ignored by those who matter a great deal to you, including ‘old’ faithful friend[s]. Hope you received some long doggie licks in appreciation of being such a nice daddy to those li’l uns who couldn’t look sweeter if they tried. Very best wishes to you.


  2. So sorry, I did not realize it was your birthday. Looks like it was a GREAT one considering all that is going on. Hopefully you can celebrate all year long and keep smiling with surprises along the way!! Wishing you ALL the BEST xoxoxoxo


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