Masks, Mutts, and Misery, Oh My!


What an incredibly amazing thrill it was to receive the following parcel recently:



A homemade, personalized superhero themed face mask, made by the talented and witty Dr. Spo, for yours truly.  Please note that this is not only reversible, but carefully crafted so the images work perfectly with the design (Case in point: Thor’s spinning hammer in the first pic.) Although you can’t see it, it brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks, Spo!!!!


Sure, you may be tired of seeing pics of my perfectly precious puppy pals, but I’m not tired of posting them, so here are some recent favorite shots of them, in all their glory:

Snuggling in Other Dad’s Office while he’s working:


Rita looking forlorn:


Harvey’s 3-part process:

1. Looks for something to read (or chew?)


2. Gives me a final chance to give him a treat.


3. Deems me treat-less and curls up to sleep.


Rita Mae, Circus Contortionist!


“So, THIS is the guy you were talking about? Yeah, we could take ’em!”


“I got chills! They’re multiplyin’.”


“What? She likes it, Dad.”


This one melted my phone (and my heart):


“I think I heard a food wrapper opening in Texas…”


“I’ll take my tea in the study, thank you.”



While I do have things I want to blog about (see above), I am so burned out by the end of my work day (which seems to get later every day) and week, that composing cohesive thoughts and being even remotely pleasant is very difficult. Work has become so much more stressful than ever before, and there are days  its all I can do not to throw in the towel, tender my resignation, and learn to live off the land. (And by land, I mean Jeffrey.) Every workday ends with a headache and heartburn, and I’m tense all day. I’m basically on call 24/7, so even if my work day is technically over, it never really is. 2216 days to go…sigh…

14 thoughts on “Masks, Mutts, and Misery, Oh My!

  1. spo outdid himself on your mask; it’s FABU and looks good on you. the puppies look good too.

    our gov on monday extended our state lockdown to may 8. and I see there were dump dick-lickers in albany today. gawd, those people are STOOPID!

    LOVE to all at breen acres!


  2. Those pitiful looks of vulnerability from the ‘kids’ are killers, as is the one of H. sitting on top of R.M. [for an entirely different reason] – while your own face masks suggests you as being INvulnerable, but wisely playing safe.


  3. I’m sorry work is so unpleasant for you now. Wish I could make it better.
    The mask looks marvelous! Good work, Spo!
    I never tire of looking at pictures of your adorable pups.


  4. I am glad you like the mask; I hope it helps to keep you safe.
    I didn’t make them ‘to last’ – just enough to get us through. However in your case you could continue to wear it as sort of a superhero outfit at one of your convention shindigs. 🙂


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