This used to be a simple entrance to our house and egress to the outside, a commonplace part of the house.

My perception of it has changed.

Now it represents a portal to another world, a barrier from the pandemia outside our four walls.




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7 Responses to Portal

  1. benleander says:

    Damn I really hope things go back to normal soonish. Not the old normal but a better normal where people don’t shake hands and are aware of others..


  2. Ron says:

    Very nice. We never use our front door. Entry through the garage door which isn’t as nice as your entry. I think we’re going to be in this shelter in place for quite awhile. A permanent change in our way of life.


    • Sassybear says:

      Normally, we park in the garage which had an entrance into the dining room, but since we never go anywhere anymore, the front door is the only one we use…mostly to get mail. On nice days, we open it for the sunlight.


  3. Urspo says:

    I love doors as an Archetype. I believe I wrote about them once upon a time.


  4. but one day we will open the front door, and the world will be all colors and normal again, like this:


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