We don’t celebrate easter, aside from the annual eating of jellybeans sometime during the season and watching “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown.” Also, we will be having ham today, so I guess we are at least indulging in the culinary traditions of the day. I suppose I can get into the more pagan roots of the holiday, though, and welcome spring, so all hail Eostre!

My Mom always sends an easter card and, occasionally, a gift. This year, she sent this my way by way of Jeffrey (who’s been stopping by her house and taking her garbage out every week since she’s unable to move the large cans herself):

It’s cute and much appreciated, given my love for giraffes and superheroes. And gifts.

The local fire department organized a small drive by this morning, honking horns, flashing lights, and blaring sirens as they drove through the neighborhood, complete with a waving easter bunny and teddy for the neighborhood kids. We did our neighborly duty, standing on the porch with the dogs, waving as they drove by, and waving to our nearby neighbors.

No real plans for the day, much like every other day, although a nap is not out of the question. And it may be time to start another puzzle. Also, I need to re-introduce my body to a little something called exercise. But first, I have to convince this little guy to let me move:

12 thoughts on “Lepori-day

  1. Oh dude, you are so pup stuck! Nice that the fire department gives the Easter Bunny a ride in the pickup truck. I hope the kids enjoy it.
    We don’t celebrate Easter either. I think I will call my mom, though.
    I like your new giraffe 🙂


  2. LOVE THE NEW GIRAFFE! your mom is a keeper.

    no easter celebrated here either. todd will have ham, I will have lasagna, we have local made coconut easter eggs and local made wine for tonight’s feast.

    I went to the grocery store this morning; no paper goods at all. todd’s cousin just scored us a 4 pack of TP! WOO HOO! said cousin lives 10 miles away from us. pity we have been reduced to getting excited about toliet paper. 😦


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